Bitcoin Crashed? Do this.

bitcoin week recap

Bitcoin crashed, but don’t focus on price, take this chance to reevaluate how you spend your time. Reinvent yourself, better yourself, find a way to participate in something more than you. Hell, you could even write an article for BitcoinNews.Com!  Or are you feeling blue because some altcoin you staked is going to zero? You […]

Tesla Sold 936 Million Dollars of Bitcoin 

Tesla Sold 936 Million Dollars of Bitcoin

Tesla sold $936 million worth of bitcoin in the second quarter of 2022. The announcement came today in the Q2 earnings report from the company.  The move came as the car maker feared the greater macro environment, and “given the uncertainty of the COVID lockdowns in China” they wanted to clear some cash flow.  The […]

Hodl As A Hobby: New Startup Set To Change Finance Forever

21bitcoin press release

This article is brought to you by 21bitcoin. Article patronage is essential to keep free and support independent writers and creators. 21bitcoin is the newest app to allow users purchase bitcoin easily and swiftly and jump onto the bandwagon. HODL, HODL, HODL, hold on for dear life is is believed by Bitcoin fans to be the […]

Bank of America is Bullish on Bitcoin

Bank of America is Bullish on Bitcoin

Bank of America is leaning bullish on Bitcoin after it recently shared an optimistic bitcoin chart in its June 2022 global research report. The chart depicts bitcoin surviving numerous crashes over the years, rallying each time to an all time high. Bitcoin has been called a bubble by several crypto critics, including Warren Buffett and […]

MicroStrategy Buys 480 More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Bought 480 Bitcoin

American business intelligence giant MicroStrategy is back on track to do some shopping as the market goes downwards. The CEO of the company, Michael Saylor, revealed that MicroStrategy bought the dip. They purchased 480 Bitcoin at an average price of $20,817 per coin. Notably, every time MicroStrategy bought Bitcoin they’ve made headlines as huge Bitcoin […]

Scaramucci Calls for $100k, Files for Bitcoin ETF

Scaramucci Bitcoin ETF

Global investment management company Skybridge Capital is reportedly planning to file for Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded-fund (ETF) within a week. According to a report by Bloomberg Law, the founder of the company and the former White House Director of communications, Anthony Scaramucci, “is planning to file again for permission to list a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund on the […]

Kevin O’Leary Expects Wall Of Money After Bitcoin Regulation

Kevin O'Leary Bitcoin

Kevin O’Leary, a well-known entrepreneur known as Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s Shark Tank, has predicted that following the introduction of Bitcoin regulation by the governments around the world, “a trillion dollars will come into this market overnight.” A year ago, O’Leary issued a similar statement wherein he claimed that trillions of dollars would pour into […]

Bank Of America: More People Plan To Buy Bitcoin In 2022

bank of america

A recent Bank Of America survey concludes that 90% of respondents plan to buy bitcoin by 2022. Bitcoin is still in its early days when we look at the adoption around the world. But according to a new that was conducted by Bank Of America, it is seen as an investment opportunity the vast majority […]

Russia Continues to Cut Gas Supplies to EU countries

putin gas

Russia has ceased gas supplies to Ørsted and Shell Europe as a result of increasing tensions. What are Ørsted and Shell Europe? Ørsted is Denmark’s main energy group, while Shell Europe is the company in charge of supplying energy to Germany. This is a sanction imposed by Russia against countries that have been “unfriendly” after […]

Bitcoin Whale Moves $151,261,609 From Coinbase to Gemini

bitcoin whales

An anonymous Bitcoin whale moves $151,261,609 in Bitcoin from Coinbase before investors remit their money to Gemini. In a quest of liquidity, Bitcoin “whales” (investors with $10 million or more in BTC) routinely send Bitcoins between exchanges. It will have a high price effect if the whales sell all of their Bitcoin on exchanges. On […]