Blockfi And Why You Shouldn’t Give Bitcoin For Yield

Binance Rugpull

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Blockfi was a platform that would hold your Bitcoin for you and generate a return. They call the return a yield, APY, whatever. But how do they guarantee these % returns? The answer is they gamble with your funds.  They don’t tell you exactly what they’re investing in; […]

Lighting Labs Releases Taro Daemon

Proton quantum bitcon

Lightning Labs lead by Elizabeth Stark has announced a first test release of the new Taro protocol. The history of stablecoins can be traced back to Bitcoin. Tether (the first stablecoin) first operated on the Omini network which exists on Bitcoin. Tether has since added support for other blockchains in the ecosystem and is now […]

Why Did Three Arrows Capital Sink Like The Titanic?

three arrows capital

Based on a true story Water is a powerful force. Hydropower illuminates entire cities and can provide sustainable electricity for bitcoin mining. But water is also dangerous. Imagine the death bringing force of tsunamis or floods. And when water is ice cold and your ship sinks because it ran into an iceberg, all you’ve left […]

Celsius Network Meltdown – High Risk No Reward?

Celsius CEO

On June 13, 2022 users of the Celsius Network were reminded of one of the most used expressions in Bitcoin, “not your keys, not your coins.” According to a company statement, “due to extreme market conditions” Celsius paused all withdrawals from their platform and have been radio silent since.  The silence from Celsius has prompted […]

SEC To Hunt Crypto, Redefines “Security Exchange”

SEC crypto regulation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a proposal to change the definition of “security exchange” in order to broaden its regulation. The SEC stated that the purpose of the proposal is “to include systems that offer the use of non-firm communication protocols and trading interests to bring buyers and sellers of securities together.” […]

$600 Million Lost in ETH Sidechain Hack

eth ronin hack

The newest “crypto” hack may be the biggest ever. The Ronin Network reported a loss of around $625 million USDC and Ethereum on Tuesday. The exploit targeted Sky Mavis, the publishers of the game, and the Axie decentralized autonomous organization, according to a blog post by the Ronin Network’s official Substack. According to Etherscan, an […]

Defi on Bitcoin: The Obvious Bet?

Is Decentralized Finance Decentralized? The idea of ‘decentralized finance’ or defi, has hooked itself deep into the minds of crypto-bros and tech investors everywhere. But is ‘defi’ really decentralized? Is it a true revolution, or just another VC-backed exit liquidity scam that preys on retail noobs? If you’re a Bitcoiner, you understand that no layer-one […]