What If Bitcoin Existed Alongside Unlimited Nuclear Fusion Energy

Proton quantum bitcon

Reddit user Bitcoin_Holder dropped a Reddit post titled “What happens to Bitcoin when energy is effectively free with nuclear fusion” and it went quasi viral. In no time, the post had 393 upvotes and 388 shares. A testament to people understanding that energy and Bitcoin are closely correlated; Bitcoin has proof-of-work and energy is the […]

Prominent Bitcoin Mining Company Announces Resignations

Prominent Bitcoin Miner Restructures

Compass Mining, a prominent Bitcoin mining company, announced today that both their CEO and CFO will be stepping down. In a statement released by the company, they announced that their “Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Whit Gibbs and Chief Finance Officer Jodie Fisher.” The pair will be replaced by […]

Kevin O’Leary Expects Wall Of Money After Bitcoin Regulation

Kevin O'Leary Bitcoin

Kevin O’Leary, a well-known entrepreneur known as Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s Shark Tank, has predicted that following the introduction of Bitcoin regulation by the governments around the world, “a trillion dollars will come into this market overnight.” A year ago, O’Leary issued a similar statement wherein he claimed that trillions of dollars would pour into […]

Bitcoin 56x More Energy Efficient Than Traditional Banking

According to a new report, Bitcoin is 56 times more energy efficient than the legacy financial system. The energy consumed by Bitcoin (BTC) mining has been a point of debate for many governments and anti-BTC advocates. As a result, Michel Khazzaka, an IT engineer, cryptographer, and consultant, took the initiative of comparing banks to the […]

Riksbank, Sweden’s Central Bank, Wants To Ban Bitcoin

riksbank sweden ban bitcoin mining

The Central Bank of Sweden has suggested to ban proof-of-work mining algorithms to fight energy-consuming digital currencies such as Bitcoin. It has been suggested that POW (proof-of-work) mining consumes too much energy and should be banned in favor of less energy-intensive methods. Recently, the Swedish central bank tweeted that energy consumption had increased in recent […]

These Luxury Apartments in Argentina Will Have a Bitcoin Mining Farm for Residents

Bitcoin Mining Apartment

A new building called Pampa 2.0 would be the first of its kind to feature a bitcoin mining facility in Argentina. The new apartment complex in the exclusive neighborhood of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will launch this project with the idea of helping its residents to “earn by living” in their apartments. This building […]

Bitcoin Mining Ban Will Hurt New York and Our Environment

Bitcoin Minin New York City

New York State lawmakers will soon vote on legislation that would impose a two-year moratorium on bitcoin mining operations. New York has always been an engine of both economic and technological development, which is why a ban would effectively drive away substantial investments and high-paying jobs for New Yorkers, affecting their growth in the process. […]

Bitcoin Mining Ranked As One Of The World’s Most Sustainable Industries

Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

The Bitcoin Mining Council confirms a constant improvement in sustainable power mix technological efficiency in Bitcoin mining. The BMC released the first 2022 report on the state of the network and one of its most controversial aspects: energy consumption. The data in this report represents 50% of the BTC network. This year’s results show that […]

Blockware Solutions Building 150 MW Bitcoin Mining Site in West Virginia

blockware solutions

Blockware Solutions (BWS) said on Wednesday that it will collaborate with SEVA, a climate-focused organization seeking to revitalize mine sites and economies in West Virginia, to support its solar farm initiative. In addition to West Virginia’s PJM power grid, the new mining complex will be powered by the new solar farm. In the fourth quarter […]

Bitcoin Whitepaper

Every day is a good day to read the bitcoin whitepaper. Why should you read the bitcoin whitepaper? The bitcoin whitepaper is where everything started. Bitcoin came into existence through the whitepaper that outlined how the bitcoin network could operate. The whitepaper gives specific technical instructions how the bitcoin protocol works and what roles the […]