Blockware Solutions Building 150 MW Bitcoin Mining Site in West Virginia

blockware solutions

Blockware Solutions (BWS) said on Wednesday that it will collaborate with SEVA, a climate-focused organization seeking to revitalize mine sites and economies in West Virginia, to support its solar farm initiative. In addition to West Virginia’s PJM power grid, the new mining complex will be powered by the new solar farm. In the fourth quarter […]

Bitcoin Whitepaper

Every day is a good day to read the bitcoin whitepaper. Why should you read the bitcoin whitepaper? The bitcoin whitepaper is where everything started. Bitcoin came into existence through the whitepaper that outlined how the bitcoin network could operate. The whitepaper gives specific technical instructions how the bitcoin protocol works and what roles the […]

Why Laszlo Hanyec’s $300 Million Pizzas Changed the World

Laszlo Hanyec

Bitcoin Pizza Day is an annual event that Bitcoiners use to celebrate the first purchase of goods with Bitcoin ever recorded. On Bitcoin Pizza Day, every Bitcoiner eats a Pizza, even carnivores. The use of bitcoin for routine everyday purchases is gradually expanding nowadays. Though it was 12 years ago on May 22 in 2010 […]

Is BIP-119 an attack on Bitcoin?

BIP 119

For those looking to wrap their head around BIP-119 this article seeks to shed some light on the discussion around the new bitcoin improvement proposal. If you prefer to read up and take a look at the sources beforehand we can recommend the website put together by Bitcoin Gandalf You will find links to […]

Review: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

documentary pierre corbin

New indie documentary is getting close to one million views on Youtube. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is the title of a newly released film that reveals the sinister mechanism of central banking.

Bitcoin News sat down with producer and director Pierre Corbin for an interview:

Uzbekistan Exempts Bitcoin Companies From Income Tax, Encourages Solar Powered Mining.

uzbekistan bitcoin

According to a presidential decree published this week, Uzbekistan is encouraging people to mine bitcoin using solar energy and will exempt all crypto operations by domestic and foreign operators from income tax. The country is blessed with a highly suitable climate for solar energy, having more than twice the sunshine hours of Northern Europe. Coupled […]

Ukraine Blacklisting Russian Bitcoin Wallets

Ukraine Bitcoin Blacklist

Ukraine has harvested Bitcoin addresses linked to Russian officials in a quest to identify and ban them. Head of Bitcoin relations in Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, requested the blacklist on behalf of the Ukrainian government. “Our idea was that the war criminals will try to avoid sanctions through Bitcoin, and we want to get them there,” […]

Why I’m Bullish on Bitcoin

The bull of all bulls isn’t done. No one can stop an idea whose time has come; and that idea is Bitcoin. The Bitcoin revolution is delivering a derivative of truth to the masses. For the first time ever, we have a moral money that is offering honorable time/energy distribution and conservation like never before […]

Russian Energy Minister Urges to Legalize Bitcoin Mining ‘As Soon As Possible’

russia bitcoin

Russia, a country rich in natural resources, may resort to Bitcoin mining in order to alleviate the consequences of U.S sanctions. According to Russia’s Deputy Energy Minister Evgeny Grabchak, the legal vacuum in Bitcoin mining must be filled. He stated that it would be more effective to pick mining areas for miners regionally rather than at […]