Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller And Paul Tudor Jones Already Own Bitcoin

Ray Dalio, Stan Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones

The following interview is sponsored by 21bitcoin.app Daniel, what’s currently going wrong with our financial and monetary system? The current international fiat money system, which is centrally managed, is only 21 years older than me. It was only 50 years ago that the US went off the gold standard. As we have become increasingly aware […]

GTA 6 To Include Bitcoin, Leak Suggests

Bitcoin GTA

One of the biggest gaming franchises, backed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto, popularly called GTA, confirmed that it is working on its sixth installment, and according to a report, GTA 6 could include Lightning or Bitcoin features within the game. As per the leak, GTA 6 might provide a digital payments system in the gameplay, […]

Real Estate Or Bitcoin, What’s The Better Trade?

Bitcoin vs Real Estate

Trading real estate for bitcoin and vice versa is becoming more common. More and more property developers are starting to accept bitcoin, bitcoin-backed mortgage companies are starting up, and individual transactions are rising. But what are the pitfalls and opportunities for both sides? Let’s take a closer look. Nestled about halfway down on the south side […]

Hublot Now Sells Luxury Watches For Bitcoin

Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has announced that it will accept bitcoin as a payment method, starting with a limited-edition release of the Big Bang Unico collection, which only has 200 pieces. According to an official announcement by the 1980-founded company, it has partnered with a Bitcoin payment service provider to bring the functionality to the limited-edition collection […]

UK To Remove Know Your Customer Requirements For Bitcoin Wallet Providers

UK Bitcoin Wallet Regulation

The United Kingdom plans to remove Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for non-custodial Bitcoin wallets. It is a major win for privacy and Bitcoin supporters on the European continent. The UK Treasury released its June report wherein it claimed that there is a lack of evidence that non-custodial Bitcoin (BTC) wallets are used for criminal purposes. Non-custodial […]

First Bitcoin Short ETF Launched in the US

ProShares Bitcoin Short ETF

ProShares, the biggest provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States, plans to debut a Bitcoin short ETF in the nation on Tuesday, June 21. A short ETF, also known as an inverse ETF, tracks a particular benchmark only to return the opposite. In this case, the ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which will […]

Bitcoin 56x More Energy Efficient Than Traditional Banking

According to a new report, Bitcoin is 56 times more energy efficient than the legacy financial system. The energy consumed by Bitcoin (BTC) mining has been a point of debate for many governments and anti-BTC advocates. As a result, Michel Khazzaka, an IT engineer, cryptographer, and consultant, took the initiative of comparing banks to the […]

Spanish Airline Vueling To Accept Bitcoin Payments

Marco Sansavini vueling ceo bitcoin

Vueling, a Spanish low-cost airline, will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment as per the official statement. The feature will be available to all the customers of the airline as early as 2023. The airline has partnered with BitPay, a bitcoin payment service provider, to implement the new payment system. Bitcoin (BTC) […]

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Released With New Bitcoin Privacy Features

Wasabi Wallet 2 0 press release

Wasabi Wallet released its new version 2.0 and promises a better user interface, cheaper cost for bitcoin privacy and many new features. Like its predecessor, Wasabi Wallet 2.0  is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop, that implements trustless WabiSabi coinjoin over the Tor anonymity network. This newest iteration promises more privacy at less […]

Coinbase Faces Internal Turmoil As Employees Call Leadership Arrogant

Coinbase CEO

Coinbase, one of the largest shitcoin exchanges in the United States, might be facing internal turmoil as employees are not happy with the way company executives are implementing their decisions.  A post shared by a Twitter user who is the Managing Director at Swan Private Client Services, @DzambhalaHODL, reveals that Coinbase employees are worried about […]