More Markets, Less Regulators

If nice flowers cost a dollar would you buy them more often? If it costs $5 for someone to mow your lawn, would you outsource your lawn mowing? How many vehicles would you purchase if a nice car only cost 500 USD, or better yet, would you spend $5,000 on a jetpack that flies you […]

Do You Even Stream Sats, Bro? On Bitcoin’s Lightning Payments

The concept of micropayments has been around for a long time, but until recently, it has not been feasible to implement them effectively. Micropayments, also known as micropayments or microtransactions, refer to financial transactions that involve very small amounts of money. They are typically less than a dollar and are used for a variety of […]

Gold or Bitcoin: What Will Replace the U.S dollar?

Bitcoin and Gold

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Some interesting developments in the murky world of geopolitics to report on this week. The currency wars are getting hot and it’s looking increasingly likely that the world is going to start moving away from the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency – gold or bitcoin are the front-runners […]

Why Bitcoin & Lightning Is The Best Blockchain Remittance Model Yet

Lightning remittance model

This article was originally published by Emile Phaneuf on Remittances are an under-recognized but vital part of the global economy. The classic scenario is one in which economic migrants in one country send money back to friends and family in their country of origin. The transaction sizes are often relatively small (usually between $200 to […]

Bitcoin Film Festival: Celebrating The Intersection Of Bitcoin And Film

Bitcoin film festival

The first-ever bitcoin film festival in the world is set to take place on March 24th to 26th, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland. The Bitcoin Film Fest promises to be an unforgettable experience that celebrates the intersection of bitcoin and film. With its unique venue, curated film selection, and exciting lineup of talks and workshops, this […]

Bitcoin Is the Rediscovery of Money

bitcoin rediscovery of money

This article was originally published by Gigi on Bitcoin is the rediscovery of money. It is money reconsidered. It is the removal of counterparty risk. It is the purest, fastest, soundest money, reimagined from the ground up. It is the computational proof of historical events, building up an incorruptible history without relying on trust. Bitcoin is the realization that cryptography […]

Self-Custody: The Antidote to the Dangers of a Cashless Society

Self-Custody The Antidote to the Dangers of a Cashless Society

An odd yet more common occurrence happened to me recently — my physical dollars were refused. As I attempted to buy lunch I was informed that the hip establishment I was at only accepted credit cards or other forms of digital payments. As someone who believes strongly in the importance of civil liberties, this movement […]

The Technological Origins of Bitcoin

Ben Arc LnBits

This article was originally published by Emile Phaneuf on Satoshi Nakamoto remains an obscure character. Although little is known of his influences and motivations for creating bitcoin, this article explores his technological influences (see this for its philosophical and economic influences). What follows is a historical timeline of the various privately issued digital currencies […]

Revolut – How Safe Is Your Money?

Revolut - How safe is your money

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on A few weeks ago, an Irish friend of mine was contacted by the Irish Postal service. A package had arrived for her from abroad, but there were a couple of euros of duties to be paid. This had happened to her before — she buys […]

Bitcoin Is Winning The Game Of Money

Bitcoin is Winning

In this world of evanescence, the Banyan has become a symbol of stability, constancy, and permanency, and represents immortality. – Ramakantha Bitcoin is a meticulously devised technology that combines multiple disciplines. Currently, it appears that its role is that of a medium of exchange where the supply is strictly predetermined by the code. The consensus […]