• Crypto space pioneers already knew that crypto is a business that is best done from home, and one of the biggest crypto companies is finally figuring that out

Coinbase, the most popular retail crypto exchange in the United States, has announced that even after the Coronavirus Pandemic ends that Coinbase will have a ‘remote-first’ mentality, where if a job can be done from home then the worker will stay at home rather than coming to the office.

Essentially, Coinbase has a big office in San Francisco, and due to the rule that people need to stay 6 feet away from each other during the Coronavirus Pandemic, most employees have been working at home. Ultimately, Coinbase has found that a bulk of employees working from home leads to less operational complexity, and is also far more cost-effective, so Coinbase has chosen to continue operating like this permanently.

That being said, Coinbase claims that they are a ‘visionary and industry leader’ for making this decision to largely operate via working at home long term. However, this claim is actually untrue, since the norm in the crypto space is for people to be working from home. Indeed, the pioneers of the crypto space were people who chose not to have regular jobs and instead worked on crypto from home.

Thus, the reality is that Coinbase has finally figured out what most of the crypto space has already known for a long time, which is that a crypto business can be operated from anywhere, making offices generally pointless.

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