• CoroHope is aiming to create a Coronavirus vaccine, and it is using Bitcoin to fund the effort

Governments and research institutions around the world are using a tremendous amount of resources to find a Coronavirus vaccine, but a ‘biohacking’ group called CoroHope thinks they can be the first one to find the Coronavirus vaccine via crowdfunding with Bitcoin and bypassing regulations.

Essentially, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States and other health regulatory agencies worldwide have a stringent approval process for vaccines, which can take months or years even in the face of a global pandemic like the Coronavirus. On the other hand, CoroHope is free to create the vaccine as fast as they can, since no government controls them.

Further, CoroHope has a biologist who created similar vaccines for the FDA for a decade, so it appears CoroHope really has what it takes to make a vaccine.

All of this being said, it would be illegal and severely damaging legally for CoroHope to release a vaccine, but they are solving this problem by maintaining complete anonymity, so they cannot get sued or regulated out of existence. Likewise, using cryptocurrency as the source of funding is essential for maintaining the anonymity of the CoroHope scientists.

Only time will tell if CoroHope succeeds, but it seems to have a legitimate shot at being the first to create a Coronavirus vaccine.

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