Some blockchain firms have survived the so-called crypto winter, although many have been less fortunate but one blockchain-focused company thinks it has at least part of the answer to finding success in a bear market.

Celsius Network, an industry-leading cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, was created to leverage cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to create a community which had the interests of the depositor at its heart, according to its CEO and founder Alex Mashinsky. He says he is achieving this through what he calls MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol).

Clearly, he has found a successful formula, recording over USD 630 million in cryptocurrency loans in just six months, but he claims that “unbanking” should become a greater focus for depositors who are using the conventional banking system. The company’s approach is similar to the banks in only one aspect; it allows customers to take out loans or deposit coins, but there is a difference, as this banking alternative sees 80% of the income generated given back to the depositor every week. Mashinsky explains:

“When banks make a profit, they give it back to themselves or the shareholders, but nothing goes to the depositor. We are doing exactly what banks are supposed to do, but for the depositor rather than the shareholders.”

Now with over 16,000 registered users from over 100 countries the company claims to have paid Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) interest to all its depositors every week since its launch. His hope for BTC is positive with quite a different spin on 2018 blockchain development statistics, arguing:

“And even after being down 80%, Bitcoin still proves to be the best performing digital asset class in the past decade. While 2018 was dominated with the dropping baton, Bitcoin continues to be adopted and new blockchain developers in 2018 have doubled.”

Mashinsky sees the future of Bitcoin in the hands of millennials, citing the swell of interest in South Korea with 90% of the country’s young already becoming cryptocurrency holders. He sees this future aided by the launch of a killer app which would attract the next 100 million people to crypto because, as he argues, “too many speculators have jumped in and there are not enough real users and institutions to get us to the next level of adoption and price”.


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