A crypto related Twitter account with 82,000 followers, @Crypto_Bitlord, says they were approached to sell their account for 672 Bitcoins which is roughly USD 4.7 million. The account owner states that they are now the 5th crypto Twitter that has agreed to sell their account for large amounts of Bitcoin.

It seems improbable that someone would pay so much money for a Twitter account. If this was true, perhaps the person buying the accounts intends to use them to promote initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other crypto investments. It is well-known that some Twitter users, like John McAfee, are being paid to promote ICOs. John McAfee says he is paid USD 100,000 to tweet about ICOs to his 800,000+ followers. Considering that though, it doesn’t really make sense that someone would pay USD 4.7 million for an account with 82,000 followers for promotional purposes, instead of just paying USD 100,000 to reach 800,000+ followers.

In a worst case scenario, perhaps the person buying these accounts intends to scam the followers by leveraging the reputations of these well-developed Twitter accounts. That seems unlikely though since it would take some incredibly prolific scamming to make up for the USD cost of the Twitter accounts, and well before that, the account would probably be considered dangerous.

One user, @WhalePanda, says they sold their Twitter account for 1,000 bitcoins, but has already made another account @ProfFaustus to troll Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts. This is obviously a joke since @ProfFaustus is Craig Wright, one of the biggest advocates of Bitcoin Cash.

Although this is a joke, some people are taking it seriously and illustrates how the initial post from @Crypto_Bitlord could also be untrue even if some people think it’s the truth. Time will tell, @Crypto_Bitlord says they are handing over the account next week and will announce their new account name at that time.

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