Civic Technologies, a startup in San Francisco, has recognized that blockchain technology can speed up identity verification processes. This has a range of applications and to demonstrate its versatility and usability, it has developed the very first beer vending machine that uses crypto technology.

Civic developed a model for identification verification to solve many issues that occur when using conventional verification techniques. It is offering an electronic alternative that is adaptable for use in a variety of settings. It can work with a range of IDs that people may use, along with managing the data transmission and storage.

Civic developed its beer vending prototype in partnership with the beer producer Anheuser-Busch. The vending machine has been presented at a New York technology conference where attendees used their Civic App and ID to confirm their age before being able to get themselves a beer. One can use it for vending machines that would be selling any product that has access restrictions based on age.

Titus Capilnean, head of communications and marketing for Civic commented, “It’s not limited to just beer, it could be for any age-restricted product. Unmanned entrance to casinos, and then for the vending machines, we can see this going into concerts, ballgames, venues, conferences.”

But it will probably be a while before all of this happens. There has been no announcement for Anheuser-Busch or Civic to continue with the production and distribution of these vending machines at the moment.

Essentially the process for verifying ID will involve the purchase of Civic tokens to create the query and then verify the data retrieved from the blockchain. As explained by Capilnean: “In this case, the machine requesting the identity will have to pay for the verification.”

This is a concept that will be able to work much more effectively if government organizations are willing to link ID verification methods to a blockchain.


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