Recent news source figures show a rapid growth in the cryptocurrency employment market. With more than 1,500 tradeable cryptocurrencies and a $320 billion-plus market cap across the space, job opportunities are increasing. Major online employment site,, recorded an increase of 207 percent in blockchain job listings between 2016 and 2017 — a period of just 12 months. The rising blockchain job requirements and the fact that there are now over 5.8 million cryptocurrency wallet users showcases an increased crypto-adoption among masses.

The US has become a driver for boosting the crypto employment space, particularly in California which now employs nearly 30 percent of the country’s crypto employees, another 15 percent of jobs in the US are reported to be in remote locations.

Within the field, there are many opportunities from stack developers, tech writers, content marketers, business developers, and community managers, most positions to be found in the USA which currently posts 78% of the world’s non-remote crypto job opportunities, followed by the UK with 7%.

In the US, a full stack developer is likely to earn a base salary in the region of $90K, and slightly less for blockchain developers and engineers, depending on field experience. About 10% of companies offer salaries paid in cryptocurrency, although many now offer a percentage ratio system in both fiat and crypto.

In India, with 10% of the world’s Bitcoin wallets job growths has grown exponentially as reported by Indeed India.

“In the six months to November 2017, the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs posted on the Indeed website rose by 290 percent. In the same period, job searches with keywords related to cryptocurrency/blockchain also rose by 52 percent.”

IBM’s pursuit of 1,800 blockchain jobs in France is a signal of intent to expand research and development in several areas with that company, primarily focusing on blockchain technology, AI, and IoT. Multinationals are increasingly embracing the new technology, opening up numerous new job opportunities in the crypto space.

AngelList, a popular website used by startups to offer vacancies to job seekers, recently recorded doubling their crypto-related job postings in a little over three months, according to its weekly newsletter. At the time Bitcoin was trading just over $19000 per coin with 50 jobs available which rose to 100 when Bitcoin slumped and traded at $7,000, according to CryptoGlobe.

AngleList commented, “startups aren’t watching the markets.”

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