• Bitcoin daily high at USD 6,115 but trades right now at around USD 5,350.
  • Helperbit is helping the Italian Red Cross to raise money for triage setups to fight the coronavirus epidemic in Italy
  • Binance has pledged USD 1 million to support blockchain development in South Africa


Bitcoin markets are in the hands of the bulls for a change, as Sunday not once saw price break the USD 5,000 critical support, with even one attempt that broke a USD 6,115 barrier (CoinDesk), albeit temporarily before pulling back to current levels at USD 5,350.

One of the items of news is that Twitter activity seems to influence ETH price, as the past few days where ETH lose over 30% of price seems to correlate with a drop in activity on Twitter. Conversel, in 2017 Ether and Bitcoin saw a great run up to all time highs, but also in the number of Tweets mentioning Ethereum, according to Cointelegraph. That year, there was an average of 12,622 daily tweets, but then people point out that it actually increased to 15,029 in 2018, when Ether dropped almost 80%.

In any case, we can only speculate, but to choose an item of good news to focus on, we see how the Italian Red Cross and others are now using Bitcoin as a vehicle for charity.

The Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Committee are now asking for public donations by Bitcoin and other crypto, to take the coronavirus fight to the fore. This will all be done through Helperbit, a charity organization focusing on charity. BitcoinNews.com has written about many such charitable and non-profit use in blockchain before, so we happily raise the profile of HelperBit here, who say that all donations will go towards setting up a second-level advanced medical post for pre-triage of COVID-19 cases in Italy, where medical and health staff are seemingly working under pressure round the clock. Its first goal is to reach EUR 10,000 to buy the medical equipment that is needed for the infrastructure, as well as to cover medical staff fees. At time of writing, donations have reached over 140% of target!

Colli Albani Committee president Bruno Pietrosanti said hospitals needed some relief as patient numbers grew, putting strain on available resources. He lauded the efforts of Helperbit in this instance, saying:

“We believe that an innovative fundraising tool like Bitcoin can help us find the necessary economic resources, that are very difficult to obtain in this historical moment.”

And on another continent, blockchain charity is also going strong, with global crypto exchange Binance’s Binance Charity Foundation pledging a donation of USD 1 million to support the growth and development of blockchain education in South Africa. It will seek local companies to partner with to promote educational programs.

Binance is also going to now launch a fiat gateway for South African rand deposits. The announcement was made by its CEO Changpeng Zhao during the first day of the Blockchain Africa conference in Johannesburg, who said that this was all part of an ongoing push to expand in Africa. He declared:

“Africa illustrates one of the largest demands and instrumental use cases for cryptocurrency, notably for financial access. According to the World Bank, approximately 66% of sub-saharan Africans are listed as unbanked. So instead of trying to bank the unbanked, let’s try and Bitcoin the un-Bitcoined.”

Zhao added that South Africa was the largets of a slew of countries in the continent and was certainly one of the top five in terms of crypto owenership. Binance South Africa country manager Tanya Knowles also said that South Africans today enjoy freedom a lot of freedom of  information and movement, but still do not have the freedom of money.


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