• Unstoppable Domains has released a Google Chrome extension which supports .crypto domain names

Google Chrome users will now be able to browse decentralized .crypto domain names thanks to a new browser extension released by the company Unstoppable Domains.

Essentially, almost all domain names are issued by the centralized Domain Name Service (DNS), which can be a problem since these domain names can be hacked or taken down by the government. Unstoppable Domains is offering .crypto domain names, which are hosting on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contracts and are therefore cryptographically secure and decentralized.

The only problem is that most web browsers do not recognize nor allow browsing of .crypto domain names. However, with the new Google Chrome extension, anyone can now browse .crypto domain names.

This is perhaps just the beginning, since if an extension can be made for Google Chrome, then perhaps extensions will be made for other major browsers like Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer, making decentralized domain names like .crypto accessible for everyone.


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