• SkyWeaver trading cards will be ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens

Horizon Blockchain Games has raised USD 5 million of investments to launch the Ethereum-based SkyWeaver trading card game, on top of USD 3.75 million of seed money raised last year.

SkyWeaver will be similar to the highly popular card games Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone, with the big difference being that all SkyWeaver trading cards will be ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that players will have sole ownership of their cards, and will be able to buy, sell, and transfer cards on the Ethereum blockchain, which should lead to the formation of a peer to peer card trading market.

Further, players will be able to earn cards by playing the game, so it is possible that players could earn some money if the game gets popular and the cards start to increase in value.

Apparently SkyWeaver is already in closed beta testing, and open beta testing should begin later this year.


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