Listen to the interview with Pete Mardell, the CEO of Triforce Tokens, on the 7 October 2018 edition of the Daily Podcast

[su_audio url=”″] conducted an exclusive interview with the CEO of Triforce Tokens, Pete Mardell, on 4 October 2018. Triforce Tokens has developed a full-scale framework for studios to launch video games that are integrated with blockchain and Triforce Token’s native cryptocurrency called FORCE. Players will be able to earn FORCE, which can be converted into Bitcoin or fiat, simply by playing games. Additionally, Triforce Tokens has introduced dynamic advertising inside of video games.

Mardell says “We’ve created a full-house game publishing framework that’s enhanced by blockchain technology for game development studios”. Mardell describes how player attention is the key metric determining a game’s success, and competition is fierce  in the gaming industry. Mardell says Triforce Token’s technology improves player attention “by a factor of 1.6 relative to industry standards”. Mardell states that after 30 days of playing an average retention is 5%, but for Triforce Token’s Wargate they have 6.7% retention, which is likely due to Triforce Token’s reward system which incentivizes players.

Regarding dynamic advertisement, Mardell says “That will allow brands to place campaigns directly into games and brand game objects”. The studio can instantly put advertisements into the game, and these dynamic advertisements will be recorded on the Triforce Tokens blockchain.

Mardell says “At the moment we’re an ERC-20 token, but we are building our own blockchain that uses delegated proof of stake (dPoS) similar to EOS”. Triforce Tokens considered using EOS, but decided it was better to build a custom blockchain geared towards gaming, and this blockchain will be more decentralized than EOS. There will be a token swap of Triforce Token’s FORCE token from ERC-20 to the native FORCE blockchain. The Triforce Token’s blockchain will also have non-fungible tokens, ideal for digital collectibles, and it will also have the technology for the development of 3rd party dApps.

Triforce Tokens is instituting a new way to earn cryptocurrency called Proof of Play (PoP). Mardell describes how players will earn cryptocurrency for winning in-game challenges. However, the real PoP will work on the FORCE blockchain which hasn’t been launched yet, and will be a part of the dPOS mechanism that secures the FORCE blockchain. Popular game servers will be selected as delegates and become block producers, and players will earn FORCE tokens by playing on the delegate game servers. The server administrators themselves will also earn crypto.

The FORCE token will get its value from being exchangeable for games and in-game items on Triforce Token’s marketplace.

When asked if people will be able to earn a living playing game on Triforce Token’s platform, Pete Mardell says “Yes, absolutely”. He describes how gamers can stream games to an audience, get sponsorships, and earn from PoP once the FORCE blockchain is launched. Mardell says the FORCE blockchain will launch in March 2019.

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