Facebook has confirmed that they have created a new position, Director of Engineering Blockchain, and have appointed Evan Chang. This is the latest in a series of developments that show social media powerhouse Facebook is considering blockchain technology integration.

Evan Chang was the head of Programmable Languages & Runtimes at Facebook for the past 3 years and is a well-respected computer programmer. He has been an advisor to blockchain projects and startups including Zilliqa and ChainLink. He will be joining a team led by David Marcus that is exploring how to best leverage blockchain technology across Facebook’s platform that was announced in May 2018. David Marcus is the former head of the Facebook messenger app, and under his guidance, its user base exploded to over 1 billion people. He is also on the Board of Directors of Coinbase — one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges headquartered in the United States.

Facebook recently created yet another blockchain position, VP of Product Blockchain, and appointed Kevin Weil who was formerly Instagram’s VP of Product. As can be seen, Facebook is appointing high-level employees with powerful skillsets to blockchain positions, which indicates they are taking blockchain technology seriously. Seems like it is only a matter of time until Facebook puts blockchain technology into operational use.

Launched in 2004, Facebook is headquartered in the United States and is the world’s largest social media platform with 2.2 billion active users as of January 2018. Facebook’s income was USD 40 billion in 2017, and its stock has a market cap of USD 575 billion as of this writing on 6 July 2018. This is 5 times Bitcoin’s market cap of USD 114 billion. When Facebook inevitably implements blockchain technology it is expected to spread the new technology to more people than ever before.

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