It can be hard to imagine that there are more popular topics than the main headlines in politics and entertainment, but the hard numbers prove that Bitcoin is, in fact, more popular than US President Donald Trump and American glamour girl Kim Kardashian.

That is, according to Google Trends today, anyway. The statistical analysis shows that the specific term “Bitcoin” is one of the leading ones on the world’s most used search engine, consistently outperforming other popular terms over the past few years. Google also finds that people prefer to use the term “crypto” rather than “cryptocurrency” when searching for it online.

Information published in a company blog by blockchain enterprise solutions for Ethereum, ConsenSys, provides undisputed data to show that “Bitcoin” is in fact more frequently looked up on Google than other globally popular terms.

Apparently, “Donald Trump” and “Bitcoin” have been locked in a head-to-head battle for dominance over the past year, but the 2019 rally in recent months have seen the latter come out on top. It suggests that rising Bitcoin prices bring about a natural curiosity and inclination for people to come online and Google the digital asset. It backs up the theory held by many that when prices rise, so does interest, and it happens in a cyclical fashion.

Google Trends shows that other terms popular in tech such as “Tesla” and in entertainment such as “Kim Kardashian” were also included in ConsenSys’s comparison. Bitcoin has finally reached parity with Tesla after playing second fiddle for 12 months, but the Kardashian has never been able to pip Bitcoin.

Bitcoin News also ran a report recently that showed that interest in Bitcoin on Google had hit its highest levels since February 2018, when the Bitcoin price was at the beginning of its long decline last year.

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