Commodities Soaring, Nickel Up 30%, ‘The Great Reset’ Approaches


Commodity prices skyrocketed as industrial buyers and traders hurried to acquire raw materials disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine. Nickel rose 30%, platinum touched a record, and gold broke beyond $2,000 per ounce, while oil and wheat rose to 14-year highs. Commodity markets have been jolted not just by strong Western sanctions against Russia, which […]

Dollar Could Lose Status Of ‘World Reserve Currency’ By 2030 According To Analyst

usd world reserve

Derivatives trader, market analyst and conference host Tone Vays has recently said that the United States dollar will lose its status as the world reserve currency by 2030. During an interview on the Mediterranean Island nation Malta, Vays called Bitcoin a tool for wealth protection. He explained that the ongoing global inflation steals people’s savings […]

Putin Moving to Commodity, Bitcoin Backed Currency

Putin Moves to Commodity Currency

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech recently with massive implications for Bitcoin adoption. In the speech he stated that the “very principles of the global economic system have taken a blow.” Putin criticized western money printing and postured that Russia is moving to alternative stores of value with commodities and potentially Bitcoin (BTC). “Fundamental […]

$30 Trillion U.S. Debt Spiral Could Spill Over to Bitcoin

US Debt Jerome Powell

The U.S. debt is higher than ever. Could a default scenario be beneficial for bitcoin? Because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it’s critical to comprehend the consequences of the U.S. debt crisis for the global financial system’s survival. Furthermore, while everyone is concerned about the highest inflation rate since 1981 (8.6% in […]

Cash Could Be Extinct By 2030

Cash Bitcoin

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) “Great Reset” program proposes creating a new social contract that respects the dignity of all people and does not include private property ownership. To quote WTO, You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. World Trade Organization Surprisingly, it won’t be that everyone (governments, corporate organizations, 1%, etc.) will own nothing; rather, it […]

Christine Lagarde shrugs at rising costs and energy crisis affecting EU citizens, remains clueless that Bitcoin fixes this

lagarde inflation ppi

Despite multi-decade high inflation and an energy crisis, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde dismisses ideas of recession. Lagarde states that the European Central Bank won’t hurry into withdrawing monetary assistance as policymakers take action to limit inflation that is running at over four times their targeted 2%. “I don’t think that we’re in a […]

Why all investors need to own gold – and bitcoin

Bitcoin and Gold

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Moneyweek. I was lucky enough to find myself on GB News at the weekend, standing in for the veteran broadcaster Alastair Stewart, who was taking some no doubt well-deserved time off. No prizes for guessing what subject was the main focus of the two two-hour programmes. […]

Review: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

documentary pierre corbin

New indie documentary is getting close to one million views on Youtube. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is the title of a newly released film that reveals the sinister mechanism of central banking.

Bitcoin News sat down with producer and director Pierre Corbin for an interview:

Pierre Poilivere Wants to be Canada’s Bitcoin Prime Minister

Canadian candidate for prime minister Pierre Poilivere has been an active promoter of Bitcoin and Lightning. Could he bring bitcoin adoption in Canada forward if his campaign succeeds? There’s a hole in our bucket, according to Pierre Poilivere. The Canadian politician explained the effects of inflation during a podcast interview earlier this year by saying, […]

Turkish Lira Inflation blows up 70% fueling Bitcoin adoption

Turkish Lira Inflation Blows up

The Turkish Lira crashes on Thursday as the nation reports an annual inflation rate of 70%, the highest in over two decades. Turkey’s Statistical Institute, TurkStat, assessed the annual inflation rate reached 61.14 per cent in March, which is the highest inflation rate in the last two decades. Consumer goods, food, utility bills and taxes […]