Huobi has launched the Huobi Cloud, which allows individuals and organizations to easily create a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange. Huobi Cloud intends to be a one-stop solution for building a secure and stable crypto exchange and aims to accelerate the advancement of the crypto space by sharing Huobi’s technology with the world.

Crypto exchanges created with Huobi Cloud can have a customized design, brand, language, reference currencies, and access methods, but will tap into Huobi Global’s and Hadax’s order books for liquidity. Huobi is typically ranked among the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, alongside OKEx and Binance, with USD hundreds of millions of daily trading volume. This gives it strong liquidity, ideal for institutional investors who need to make big trades with minimal slippage. Therefore, any exchanges created with Huobi Cloud will automatically have strong liquidity. Usually, it takes a long time for a new exchange to build up enough liquidity to attract big traders and investors, so Huobi Cloud will give new exchanges a big jump start. Part of that jump start is the ability of exchanges built with Huobi Cloud to trade any of the hundreds of cryptos listed on Huobi. The wallet software for all of these cryptos is integrated into the platform.

Additionally, Huobi Cloud will provide secure and high tech infrastructure that has been developed from 5 years of research. Usually there is a tremendous amount of effort required to build a crypto exchange from scratch, but with Huobi Cloud someone with little programming experience can launch a crypto exchange. Most importantly, crypto exchanges created with Huobi Cloud will have Huobi’s security system that detects risks during registration, login, deposits, withdrawals, and trading. Hot and cold wallets will be integrated to keep funds safe.

Crypto exchanges created with the Huobi Cloud will have independent user bases and user information will be stored independently. However, Huobi will assist with know your customer (KYC) requirements.

10 multinational corporations have already partnered with Huobi Cloud to build their own crypto exchanges, including the International Finance Corporation, Chi Fu Group, VEB, Dbank Group, and YATAI International Holding Group. Huobi Cloud hopes to partner with as many global players as possible to improve financial efficiency and accelerate crypto and blockchain adoption.

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