A recent bitFlyer European study of consumer confidence in cryptocurrency has released figures showing a growing interest in the technology across the continent.

The study by the Japanese crypto and blockchain company selected a range of respondents from across Europe by selecting 10 pools of 1,000 people from each nation. The countries chosen for the study were Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, and the U.K.

One revelation coming from the results pointed to cryptocurrency, in general, being capable of having more legs than Bitcoin as a specific project, in fact only 7 percent of respondents saw Bitcoin as existing in its current form as an investment and security token 10 years on, although 49 percent envisaged it existing in some other form.

Cryptocurrency as a general concept fared much better, with 63 percent of respondents coming back favorably. In terms of geographical difference, given that the countries all came within a fairly tight regional group given the nature of the EU, the only clear correlation was that Britain, France, and Belgium all scored low in terms of showing low confidence in the proposition that the crypto space would exist in 10 years. However, Belgium returned some of the highest confidence rates that Bitcoin will continue being used as an investment tool over the same period.

In terms of the popularity of the general crypto space, a decade on Norway and France were polar opposites in terms of the respondents’ answers, with Norway giving the tech the biggest endorsement. It was noted that the survey was limited in its scope as it offered only one question “Do you think bitcoin will still exist in 10 years’ time?” meaning that there was little scope for the researchers to cover the multiple available responses.

With Bitcoin showing some recovery recently and Bitcoin believers in this particular study returning 50 percent and crypto more than 6o percent faith in the future of the technology its not unexpected that these European figures could rise over the coming months.


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