The US has been ranked as the “most favorable” country for Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) according to a recent report linked to the Crypto Finance Conference, writes Cointelegraph.

According to the report, figures show that the US has seen 30 crypto start-ups launched, along with Switzerland and Singapore in the top three with 15 and 11 project launches respectively. The data was compiled by examining 100 ICO’s worldwide in terms of fundraising and designating their countries of origin.

The report also identified Russia, the UK, and Estonia as good locations for startup fundraising industry. Many crypto companies are now doing business in Estonia with Lithuania and Latvia, also experiencing an economic boom recently. Estonia’s widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and fintech has become a breeding ground for new startups.

The start-up frenzy reached it hiatus in March of this year with $2.94 being raised in one month, although as many as 1000 cryptocurrencies have gone to the wall on the back of Bitcoin’s recent declining fortunes this year. The good news for the industry is the doubling of 2017’s start-ups in just the first half of 2018.

Second place Switzerland on the ICO report seems to be going from strength to strength with regulators attempts to support mainstream use, and startups in Crypto Valley are thriving as a result. Another step along that road has been the recent announcement that the country’s stock exchange, SIX, will open its doors to digital currencies.

Third place Singapore continues to deal with regulatory issues as it grows as an Asian start-up hub. Singapore, always at the forefront of technological advancement saw startup Tangem release its own version of a physical bitcoin banknote recently.

The US, in top place in the recent report in the ICO popularity stakes, continues to focus its attention on regulating the industry, particularly at State level. New major mining projects are making use of past defunct industry locations and making new homes in such installations, replacing steel for the cryptocurrency as the states attempt to integrate crypto into existing tax legislation.

Arizona is one of many states regulating ICO’s with a view to paving the way for regulatory framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the state, although earlier this year both New Hampshire and the state of Georgia failed to pass a bill that was to require the state to accept cryptocurrencies for payment of taxes and license fees.

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