TMGcore has developed 2-phase liquid immersion cooling to cool cryptocurrency mining equipment, finding that it reduces the cost of cooling cryptocurrency mining equipment by 90% versus air cooling. This drastically reduces overall cryptocurrency mining energy consumption and, therefore, makes mining more profitable.

The mining equipment developed by TMGcore is submerged in a special liquid, and as it heats up, some of this liquid evaporates. As liquid evaporates, it cools its environment since it absorbs heat to transform from a liquid into a gas. This is the same principle that cools the body down when it sweats.

The gas then travels through some pipes to a location where it condenses. When a liquid condenses, it releases latent heat, which in this case is the heat produced from the mining rigs. However, this can be designed in a way that the heat is released to the outside, so there are minimal air conditioning costs needed to keep the room with the mining rigs cool. The condensed liquid then travels back down some pipes and goes back into the tank with the submerged mining equipment, so the liquid is preserved and doesn’t have to be refilled.

This is far more energy efficient than using air to cool mining equipment, which requires powerful fans round the clock. This is mostly because air has a much lower capacity to store heat than liquid, so it takes a lot of air flowing across mining equipment to remove the same amount of heat as a small amount of liquid. Also, liquid doesn’t require any mechanism to propel it across the mining equipment, since evaporation creates its own propulsion and re-distributes the liquid naturally.

This is somewhat similar to the cooling process used in nuclear reactors. Liquid immersion cooling might become a necessity in the future for cryptocurrency miners due to the accelerating Bitcoin network hash rate, which requires bigger mining rigs to stay profitable. The bigger the mining rig the more heat it generates, and air cooling with a fan will reach a point where it is no longer sufficient.

Additionally, air cooling allows parts of the cryptocurrency mining rig to get hot and stay hot, which damages the equipment over time. Liquid immersion evenly removes heat from the entire mining rig.

The 2-phase liquid cooling is being implemented by TMGcore in a Plano, Texas cryptocurrency mining facility, which is a relatively hot climate. This shows another advantage of using liquid cooling for mining, it makes energy costs 100% independent of the climate, whereas with air cooling a colder climate is preferred to reduce energy consumption.


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