Since 2014 MarketWatch has been offering reports about the market behavior of Bitcoin. At the time, the move was perceived as recognition from the FOREX market since the website belongs to the publishing arm of the Dow Jones Media Group. Coming next Wednesday the site will begin to list the market prices of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Or at least the ones that are known for leading a strong presence in reputed exchange services.

The publisher will list Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Ether Classic, Zcash, and Dash in real time every day alongside Bitcoin and the main FIAT assets: the U.S Dollar and the Euro. Users of either MarketWatch or Barron’s will be able to check the current market prices as well as the historical behavior on costs for these currencies. The Kraken Exchange service will provide the data for it. This information will be exposed to the current average audience of both Dow Jones subsidiaries that currently measures nearly 16 million visitors each month.

Dow Jones Media Group has been testing the capabilities of Blockchain Technology for some time now and has perceived this move as natural and strategic like most players in markets. The publisher is focusing mainly on the reach of the security features offered by the platforms and ecosystems created on it.

The Dow Jones also announced their partnership with upcoming web browser Brave to test their Blockchain Platform. Both companies will try to deliver content using Brave’s blockchain-based features to handle web-based advertising campaigns. All the subsidiaries working under the Dow Jones Media Group banner will work under the new strategy as verified publishers. This includes Barron’s as well as MarketWatch.

Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave has declared his enthusiasm for the new partnership since the business model planned out for premium users of both services creates new bonds with the publishers without compromising privacy. Daniel Bernard, senior vice-president of Barron’s, feels excited about the possibility of offering first-hand information on a global scale about the new technologies that interest their customer base.

Dan Shar, the General Manager of MarketWatch, has stated that they are planning to list new currencies to address the concerns of their online readership. The young investors have been requesting the editorial team for sometime now to cover the daily market price of the cryptocurrencies that have been more in-demand.

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