Swedish fashion brand Bjorn Borg has launched a new service called Marriage Unblocked that decentralizes the marriage process by allowing anyone to exchange marriage vows. The marriage and vows are then stored in an immutable record on the Ethereum blockchain and a digital marriage certificate is given to the couple.

Storing marriage records on the blockchain means that it will be stored forever and cryptographically secure, it is immutable and virtually impossible to manipulate or delete. This protects the marriage records from governments, religious organizations, or family members that might want to delete a marriage. This also means that annulment is not possible after getting married on Marriage Unblocked, though perhaps someone will create Divorce Unblocked.

Marketing director of Bjorn Borg, Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, says that Marriage Unblocked decentralizes government power over marriage so that everyone who wants to get married now has an option to do so. The images on the website suggest targeting same-sex couples, since same-sex marriage is banned in 87% of countries in the world, although it works perfectly fine for heterosexual marriages as well.

Indeed, the first couple to get married with Marriage Unblocked is Sybille and Alexandra, who live in Switzerland where same-sex marriages are not recognized. Thanks to blockchain, perhaps they can finally feel like they can call themselves wife and wife.

Marriage Unblocked provides a slick digital way to pop the big question, which might appeal to a generation dominated by smartphone use and texting.

Using Marriage Unblocked is simple. The person proposing types their vows and generate a link to send to the person they are proposing to. If accepted, the proposed fills out their own vows and send them back to the proposer, and the marriage is stored on the blockchain. It is important to not misplace the proposal link, or the person proposing could end up getting married to someone unintended.

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap and it derives intrinsic value from having smart contract technology integrated into its blockchain, ideal for building decentralized apps like Marriage Unblocked.


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