The host of the Keiser Report on TV channel RT, Max Keiser, is still upping the ante on Bitcoin’s future fortunes with his latest assertion that the flagship cryptocurrency is the future of money.

Claiming that the Bitcoin is earmarked to become the next global reserve to replace outmoded paper money he said recently on air that “it won’t be the US dollar, the euro or any other fiat”. He went on to explain exactly why he feels that fiat’s days are already numbered as cryptocurrencies become a household name around the world.

“Among BTC’s traits, are the fact that it can produce a new block about every 10 minutes and its cap of 21 million coins. These allow BTC to be more stable and lead to a predictable monetary policy that is based strictly on mathematics, not on the whimsical antics of a state government or individual,” he stated.

Keiser’s views continue to echo the stance taken by VC capitalist investor and billionaire Bitcoin bull Tim Draper, who has continued to show a rock-solid conviction that cryptocurrencies will be the future of money. These VC investors are far from being alone, despite Bitcoin’s poor market performance in 2018. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey predicts, although it won’t be an overnight sensation, Bitcoin’s rise and rise will happen “probably over ten years, but it could go faster”.

Dorsey insists that the world and the internet will use Bitcoin as a single currency.


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