The UK real estate developer Get Living recently conducted a survey to determine people’s attitudes towards property investment across cities in the region.

The survey revealed that 27% of male millennials considered Bitcoin to be a better long-term investment than buying a property, assuming that they were even able to get on to the housing ladder. Get Living put these results down to the high-flying performance of Bitcoin compared to that of real estate:

“For Millennials the soaring performance of Bitcoin – followed by an almost equally profound correction – holds more intrigue than the prospect of steady growth in house prices,”

These results are not simply localized to the UK economy. Another survey conducted in November 2017 by US  venture capital company Blockchain Capital showed that in the US this same demographic preferred Bitcoin ownership to stocks and government bonds.

The Harris Poll revealed that 27% of millennials would rather own $1000 of Bitcoin than the same value in stocks, with male respondents reaching a 38% preference for BTC. Other figures revealed that almost a third of millennials would shun government bonds in favor of the digital currency with 22% rejecting real estate investment for Bitcoin.

Although it was clear from the survey that males were more well disposed towards Bitcoin than the female respondents, recent surveys show that women are increasingly beginning to invest in cryptocurrencies. The number of women showing an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies in the UK has gone from 6% to 13% over the last six months, reports City AM. Another recent report by the cryptocurrency firm London Block Exchange showed that cryptocurrency is most popular with women in the millennials group.

One thousand current college students took part in another study conducted by Pollfish in March, showing that 21% of the students had used college grants to buy Bitcoin. The Student Loan survey was conducted between February and March of 2018 shortly after Bitcoin had reached record highs.

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