Dalia Research has just published the results of its latest survey on global cryptocurrency adoption, reports Cointelegraph. which reveals a diminishing of new interest in cryptocurrency across major countries across the world.

The report, published on 9 May, shows differences in crypto ownership and knowledge along lines of education, gender, and nationality, and attempted to “measure the spread of awareness, knowledge, buying intention and ownership of cryptocurrency” in a survey of over 29,000 people in eight countries, comprising the US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, China, and India.

South Korea and Japan returned the most significant numbers in terms of awareness and knowledge on the subject of cryptocurrency, and globally 75% are at least “aware” of digital currency, although only 50% of respondents attested to an understanding of what cryptocurrencies were.

The research showed that on average, only 4% of people who do not already own crypto intended to invest within the next six months, and notably in Japan and South Korea, there was now little intention to buy cryptocurrency, at 3% and 2% respectively. This seems to indicate that those with the intent to trade or hold cryptocurrencies are already well established in the space. China’s particularly low rate of ownership can be seen as the result of strict government measures in recent months. Japan rated as having the highest ownership of digital currency at 11%.

In terms of gender, the survey revealed that men were more likely to buy cryptocurrencies than women and that the UK, US, and Germany had higher gender gaps than Asian countries. The gender gap in the US was 13%, compared to 4% in China and  India.

Higher levels of education correlated directly to higher levels of crypto ownership, according to the survey, with 12% ownership by more educated owners against 4% by less educated respondents. These were reflected again among those intending to purchase cryptocurrency with a 67/33 percentage split.

Pro-BTC Wall Street analyst Nick Colas cast a pessimistic tone over crypto adoption recently, suggesting that there was evidence of weak public interest indicators, including fewer Bitcoin Google searches and low crypto wallet growth. This was reflected in the survey.


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