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First Bitcoin ATM operator given Bitlicense: Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM operator with more than 192 ATMs has become the first such company with a Bitlicense in the state.

While there are a number of Bitcoin ATMs being operated in the state already, the first Bitlicense was issued to Coinsource after a heavy vetting process which is described as the toughest in the country. When the Bitlicense was incorporated, much of the Bitcoin trading was deemed illegal in New York but slowly, companies are complying with the new regulations.

Federal Reserve ex-chair gifted Bitcoin after negative crypto comments: After condemning cryptocurrencies in a recent interview, fformer chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen received BTC 0.00316 or USD 20 as a gift from Bitcoin gifting service Biterica’s founder Raz Suprovici.

Yellen had said that Bitcoin had slow transactions, wasn’t a stable source of value wasn’t efficient at all.

Suprovici hoped she understands the process and changes her mind with this kind gesture. Yellen confirmed the transfer but said that she didn’t look into it any further.

Johnny Depp fired, Michael Keaton to play John McAfee in Hollywood film: Veteran actor Michael Keaton has replaced Johnny Depp in the cast of a new movie that will circle around the life of cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee.

The move came after McAfee himself objected to the casting of Johnny Depp. He had a few choice words to say: “The pussy couldn’t handle my drugs. Keaton will have no problem.”

The film is currently in its initial stages.

Study reveals diverging opinions on crypto campaign donations: A recent study by research firm Clovr in the US has shown that there is little consensus on cryptocurrency political donations in the country.

The survey gathered data of 1,023 US voters from a diverse set of backgrounds. Overall, 60% believed that cryptocurrencies and USD should be treated as equals while 21% opposed this view. Over 42% of the respondents said that cryptocurrencies were stable enough for campaign purposes but 35% deemed them too volatile. On the other hand, 60% believed that Bitcoin will make foreign interference more common while 62% believed cryptocurrencies could be used for illegal gains in politics. Overall, there is no consensus on the matter.

New US commodities regulator wants open mind for crypto, blockchain: A new commissioner at the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is calling for an open-minded approach towards fintech innovations including blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Rostin Benham made these comments during a recent speech at a Swaps and Derivatives Conference in Tokyo, Japan. While the SEC itself has clamped down hard on cryptocurrencies, new regulators may spell better times for the cryptocurrency scene.


Exchange announces hack, deletes website: Canadian exchange MapleChange has deleted its online presence soon after claiming its website was hacked on 28 October.

According to previous Tweets from the exchange’s handle, the exchange had only just reduced trading fees, leading to an increase in overall volume to some BTC 913 per day. This was when the hack allegedly took place.

Government to simplify cross-border services with blockchain tech: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that it is going to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency and speed of its services.

CBSA processes 14,000 trucks, 127,400 courier shipments and 240,00 mails every day. The Border service is linking up with a DLT shipping firm called TradeLens which was a project of IBM and Maersk, the largest container company in the world.


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