Still think Bitcoin is a fringe asset? Well, think again, as according to a recent report by the CoinATMRadar, the number of functional Bitcoin ATMs around the world has increased to more than 5000 for the very first time.

While this number is still dwarfed by the total number of ATMs operating around the world, estimated to be almost 3 million, the gradual penetration of cryptocurrencies both as an intriguing investment asset and as a genuine alternative currency is being witnessed.

According to the report, there are currently around 5,006 Bitcoin teller machines in over 90 countries where users can buy or sell Bitcoin, with some having the option of other altcoins as well. The United States is leading the trend when it comes to ATMs but other countries are catching on.

This month saw more than 150 installations around the world. There is also healthy competition between Bitcoin ATM companies around the world with General Bytes now ahead of Genesis Coin as the top operator.

Interestingly, the Bitcoin-only ATM approach is not the only model that is becoming attractive for investments as other models are also being pursued by companies. Kiosk manufacturer and operator Constar has claimed to bring crypto-compatibility to over 2200 locations in the US alone.

Overall, there are around 3,229 Bitcoin ATMs in the US which is more than half the total number operating in the world. With increased competition among Bitcoin ATM companies and the current bull market, ATM fees are expected to go down while users are expected to increase. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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