New Zealand tech company Centrality has created an infrastructure and marketplace for decentralized apps (Dapps), writes Techwire Asia.

In the digital age where larger companies are expanding and smaller players have to really prove themselves to make their mark, Centrality CEO and co-founder Aaron McDonald thinks his company can help to level the playing field. Blockchain is one tool that can still boost small companies and make the difference, McDonald claims, helping smaller apps to collaborate and create enough value to be sustainable.

He believes that cooperation is the key to small businesses surviving, essentially by building trust and sharing data, suggesting that his app framework can create exactly this. His feels that his company has achieved this environment of mutual support, supplying businesses all they would need, payment, messaging, communications and storage, including the underlying blockchain infrastructure, and smart contracts.

According to investing app Zerion founder, Evgeny Yuttaev, what is really needed is projects which can change people’s lives and for this to happen, Dapps need to become mainstream. Currently, there are 1,565 decentralized apps built on the Ethereum blockchain alone, unsurprising given Ethereum’s historical place in the development of blockchain solutions.

McDonald cites two examples of Dapps working in this way in the marketplace, using Skoot and Belong as cases in point. Belong is an app where employers can provide non-salary incentives to employees and Skoot is a tourism app. Linking the two apps for rewards, hospitality and transportation can provide simple practical solutions to everyday issues.

McDonald suggests that a lot of blockchain companies just build technology without thought of its practical business potential.

“The best things we can do is make it so we stop talking about blockchain and just create really good experiences. I think that’s the number one thing,” he said.


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