French crypto artist Pascal Boyart‘s Bitcoin competition came to an end yesterday when two diligent participants cracked the code, winning USD 1,000 in BTC.

Boyart set the challenge seven days ago hiding the public keys to the BTC in his mural based on Delacroix’s original “Liberty Leading the People” in honor of yellow vest protesters standing up against government cuts in streets of Paris. The art was located at 156 rue d’Aubervilliers.

Boyart is well known in the cryptosphere thanks to a graffiti mural he painted last year that included a QR code connected to his Bitcoin wallet so people could make donations to him. His initiative reportedly earned him USD 1,000 from donors. Boyart Retweeted yesterday that two winners had stepped forward and claimed the Bitcoin after discovering the 12 hidden seed phrases hidden in the mural revealing them the private key:

The answer

The inscriptions that are revealed with black light:

In the fluorescent inscriptions, ATOUT, JPAVFLU, Y29uZHVpcmU=, dHJpb21waGU=, mq+cC6Ax2+8R8LAnEWgQnA ==

The first two words are encoded in Caesar cipher. With respectively a shift of 20 and 19, therefore =union citizen The next two are Base64 encoded= lead triumph

And the last two are encrypted in 128bit AES with unlock key that was communicated to those who had found the fluorescent writings. This key is: 03012009 (Genesis Bitcoin Block Date in EU order).

Once deciphered, the code is + horizon yellow = “banker usury lie people fight hope union citizen lead triumph horizon yellow”.


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Image Courtesy: Pixabay
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