• Power Ledger, in a joint partnership with a Thai energy firm, aims to extend blockchain-based digital energy trading in Thailand.

Power Ledger, a blockchain-based energy trading platform headquartered in Australia announced a partnership with Thai Digital Energy Development Co. (TDED) to enable peer-to-peer energy trading and to provide environmental commodity trading in Thailand in collaboration with the energy players of the country.

This partnership is expected to play a key role in realizing Thailand’s target of achieving 25% of the electricity from renewable sources by 2037. TDED is a joint establishment of BCPG, a leading Asian-Pacific firm in the renewable energy market, and PEA ENCOM International, a subsidiary of leading Thai energy authority, PEA.

The partnership aims to deploy blockchain technology for effective energy management in 4 clean energy projects initiated by BCPG. These initiatives are included in a “Sandbox Project” aimed at expediting the switch to renewable energy by Thailand’s Office of Energy Regulatory Commission.

Dr Jemma Green, co-founder and executive chairman, Power Ledger, stated:

“Blockchain enabled transactive energy solutions including peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading, virtual power plants as well as renewable energy certificates and carbon credits trading will be the key to establishing economically viable renewable energy markets. Our partnership with TDED will allow us to accelerate our efforts to promote distributed digital energy markets in Thailand.”

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