The Bitcoin Hash Rate Has Mostly Recovered After Epic Halving Hash Rate Crash

Bitcoin hash rate

The Bitcoin halving has not yet led to major market movements, and indeed the digital asset has been steadily traded between USD 8,700 and USD 10,000 since the halving happened. However, the halving did cause major movements in the mining sector, starting with an epic crash in hash rate which raised speculation that the mining […]

Can Animated Series ‘Bitcoin and Friends’ Make Bitcoin Fun Again?

Can Animated Series 'Bitcoin and Friends' Make Bitcoin Fun Again_

A hand reaches out in the dim, a keyboard clack. Command lines flood up on a screen to the tinkling of electronic clatter. An orange sphere enters view, the command to awake received. No, wait, a coin. With a marking below his face perhaps interpretable as the ‘B’ alphabet. A confused, shaky greeting is the […]

Exclusive: Researcher Claims to Have Cracked Bitcoin Mixing Services

A college researcher has claimed to have successfully cracked the algorithm behind most centralized Bitcoin mixing services. Using his methods, he says he can backtrack all transaction history done by the service providers. In an interview with Bitcoin News, Ruhr-Universität Bochum researcher Felix Maduakor explained how he carried out a study to assess the privacy levels […]