Reality Shares is launching a USD 100 million crypto hedge fund, joining a long list of new crypto hedge funds, a sure sign that institutional investment into the crypto space is increasing.

Reality Shares has already set aside USD 25 million to start the fund up and shouldn’t have a problem expanding to the projected USD 100 million. The firm is responsible for launching the first blockchain exchange traded fund (ETF) in the world, listed on Nasdaq China as BCNA, which has been extremely successful, generating USD 100 million of cash in only a couple of months.

There are already 466 crypto hedge funds in existence, most of which were launched during 2017 and 2018. Some of these hedge funds have made headlines on Bitcoin News, such as Galaxy Digital, Benson Oak, Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Ventures, Autonomous Partners and Grayscale Investments. Essentially, lots of big names and big investors recognize the potential of Bitcoin and crypto, and are building their investment infrastructure.

This new crypto hedge fund from Reality Shares will be in the top 100 crypto hedge funds, when using total investment to rank. Even though USD 100 million isn’t enough to significantly impact global crypto prices, the aggregate of institutional investment so far is definitely pushing crypto prices higher and setting the stage for much bigger investments in the future. Once the crypto markets start rallying again, institutional investors will pour money into crypto hedge funds, accelerating the rally. The most important thing is that the infrastructure is being solidified and will be ready by the time this happens.

Reality Shares will use a mix of arbitrage, venture, and directional strategies. To break this down, this means it is planning on making profits from price differences on exchanges across the globe, investing money into crypto startups, and also will be making long or short bets on crypto prices.


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