Art linked with cryptocurrency, whether cryptically hidden within an installation, or used for buying paintings, along with blockchain used for storing and sharing art are all becoming commonplace, but the recording of a piece of art in progress by the artist is a less familiar occurrence.

That is until now, but in this case, the artist Gaka-Chu is not a human, but the brainchild of Robonomics Network, a platform set up to integrate autonomous robots into everyday life.

Yes, this artist is a robot.

The Ethereum infrastructure, with the help of Microsoft’s Azure, allows the image to be created based on popular hashtags in social networks using sensors and an RGB camera. AI is now allowing Gaka-Chu to complete a number of tasks such as buying paints, brushes, paying electricity bills and of course creating a work of art.

Of course, as yet, Da Vinci recreations are a little beyond the robot’s artistic scope, so for the time being it is limited to Japanese characters. And for anyone who has ever learned Japanese or Mandarin, they will know that is certainly no mean achievement.  Little human support is given to Gaka-Chu, being largely self-supporting, as it is quite happy accepting tokens for its commissions, which are then used for consumables and electricity.

Robonomics Network leader Sergey Lonshakov says that the artwork isn’t perfected at this stage due to the structure of the robot’s drawing arm. The entire process is based on a smart chain contract between the customer and the robot and is fully trackable on the blockchain.


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Image Courtesy: Pixabay
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