Bitcoin continued to make strides within higher education as three Russian universities have recently added cryptocurrency programs and diplomas to their curriculum.

The three universities, Voronzeh State University, Don State Technical University and Novosibirsk State University, will roll out these new courses in the upcoming fall semester.

A bachelors program will be offered at VSU, with a new major called ‘Models and methods for analyzing the digital economy’. DSTU will offer two master’s programs: ‘Intellectual systems based on blockchain technologies’ and ‘Digital accounting and management’.

Perhaps the most exciting is the Master’s Degree in Cryptography that NSU will be offering. The program is a 2-year intensive course where students will study everything from symmetric cryptography to applications of the blockchain.

Experts in cryptography from all over the world will step in for lectures, allowing students to get information from experts in the field.

Courses vary from blockchains and distributed ledgers to more business-related things such as accounting and management. Some of the courses will be taught in English to appeal to a global audience, as very few educational institutions offer cryptocurrency-related programs, but the majority will be taught in Russian.

English courses also allow Russians to take the knowledge learned from these courses and apply them anywhere in the world, due to the global job opportunities cryptocurrency has.

The addition of these new cryptocurrency-related education opportunities follows the trend of the now several universities within Russia that offer courses in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

As cryptocurrency becomes a more established sector globally, more and more job opportunities are beginning to arise. The World Economic Forum predicts that 65% of tomorrow’s workers will have jobs in markets that don’t even exist today.

Many of them will be combinations of either new possibilities or combinations of existing and new markets. Getting an education now in a nascent niche like cryptocurrency will allow Russians to have an advantage within a potentially lucrative job environment.


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