Samsung Electronics has just revealed its Galaxy S10, and the latest flagship phone includes a cryptocurrency wallet compatible with Ether (ETH) and Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. It was somewhat of a let down that Bitcoin is not yet supported, as the logo was apparent on the earlier pre-release presentation images.

The wallet also supports four decentralized apps (Dapps) including merchant payments service CoinDuck, crypto gaming platform Enjin, beauty community Cosmee, and crypto collectibles platform CryptoKitties.

The wallet app can be easily downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store, with Samsung stating that they plan to expand the app’s availability to more devices and cryptocurrencies very soon.

This development comes after it first confirmed a private cryptocurrency key storage on the S10 range only a few weeks ago. And soon after, the firm revealed the Blockchain Keystore entailing three broad features: cryptocurrency storage and transfers, payments to merchants, and digital signatures.

The Blockchain Keystore will accompany the Blockchain Wallet in a bid to simplify the transactions process for the new users. And via the CoinDuck dapp, users can also perform payments to merchants.

The payment process through the Samsung wallet is incredibly simple, with users using the dapp to enter the payable amount, scanning a QR code for the online or offline merchant’s wallet address, and pressing the “accept” button to complete the transaction.

Chain Partners, CoinDuck’s parent company, said:

“It was inconvenient to copy the address of the merchant’s wallet and paste it into the personal wallet. We have dramatically improved the usability of CoinDuck and Samsung Blockchain Wallet.”


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