Did Craig Wright Lie Under Oath?

craig wright fraud

This article was originally published by Dustin Trammell on dustintrammell.com Last week, notorious Faketoshi Craig Wright took the stand in the @hodlonaut vs. Craig Wright trial in Norway. While on the stand giving his testimony, Craig Wright was being questioned by his counsel about sharing early versions of the whitepaper and code, and asked “did you share the code […]

Why It’s important To Support Hodlonaut On His Legal Stand Against Craig Wright

hodlonaut csw

This article is based on a comment by Greg Maxwell on Reddit. If you are looking to support Hodlonaut directly you can visit the donation page, where over 50 BTC as already been raised to support Hodlonaut. It would be difficult to overstate how important this is to Bitcoin, yet it’s often underestimated because the […]

Zero-Day Hack Exploits GeneralBytes Bitcoin ATMs, Operators Shutdown Machines


A zero-day vulnerability was exploited on Thursday leading to a global shutdown of ATM networks and losses of at least 10 BTC. The second-largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer GeneralBytes confirmed the exploit of a server vulnerability that lead to downtime and theft of Bitcoin on some of their machines. Users on Twitter reported ATMs were unavailble […]

Why Proof-of-Stake On Ethereum Is A Disaster

Moving the Ethereum protocol from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake will end in a disaster. If you are a big believer in Ethereum, you may think an article published on BitcoinNews.com would biased or pure propaganda. Therefore I’d like to disclose that I hold 10% of my portfolio in Ethereum or assets built on Ethereum which allows […]

48 Hours War: How Wasabi Wallet Endured A Massive DDOS Attack

wasabi war

This article was originally published by Nopara73 on Medium “In the New Testament, Armageddon is the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement.” What follows is the story of four cyber attacks amid Wasabi Wallet 2.0 launch. Illustrated by DALL-E (AI) with the help of Wiesław Šoltés (human). I also covered the topic in […]

Ex Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Accused Of Owing $47 Million To Exchange

Roger Ver Owes Millions

Roger Ver is accused to have an outstanding liability of $47 at exchange CoinFlex as he was liquidated for a long position on Bitcoin Cash. Roger Ver has made himself well known in Bitcoin circles for his defense of Mt. Gox before its infamous hack and shutdown. Unfortunately the claims by Roger Ver led many […]

Cash Could Be Extinct By 2030

Cash Bitcoin

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) “Great Reset” program proposes creating a new social contract that respects the dignity of all people and does not include private property ownership. To quote WTO, You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. World Trade Organization Surprisingly, it won’t be that everyone (governments, corporate organizations, 1%, etc.) will own nothing; rather, it […]

Richard Heart The ‘Spam King’ 

Richard Heart Hex

Richard Heart, the creator of the shitcoin scam HEX, gained the title “Spam King.” Beginning in 2000, Heart supposedly amassed a fortune through unlawful spam assaults. In 2002 Heart was sued under Washington State Law for “sending unsolicited commercial messages to Haselton that bore deceptive information such as a forged return e-mail address or misleading […]

Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack fight “faketoshi” Craig Wright in Court

Peter McCormack in Court

The court case around Craig Wright is heating up as Peter McCormack and Hodlnaut have to face Craig Wright in court. According to reporters, Wright is losing the case. According to reporters attending the Wright vs McCormack trial Mr Wright has been “destroyed”. In the book Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams put forward […]

When it comes to crushing shitcoiners, Cory Klippsten is King

Cory Klippsten is King

Swan CEO Cory Klippsten continues his Twitter warpath exposing shitcoin-schemes and unregistered securities such as Luna/UST, Celsius, and Ethereum. The Bitcoin Only Swan Founder has called his shots as all of the shitcoins listed above and more are facing unregistered securities litigation and class action suits following the Luna debacle and scam. The Shitcoin Security […]