Bitcoin Is The Only Way Out For Content Creators

bitcoin for content creators

This article was originally published by Egge on Starbackr Content creators are in a tough spot right now. Today’s creator economy is completely reliant on an outdated, unfree, and centralized payment network and the noose is always tightening. But there is an alternative and it is a really good one. That alternative is bitcoin and […]

The Bitcoin Zitadelle Conference is Back!

Bitcoin Zitadelle

European Bitcoiners and their kin from around the world will gather in Switzerland, home to masterfully crafted watches and historic banks, for the 2022 edition of the Bitcoin Zitadelle conference in coming days. The event will run from today August 11th to the 14th of August with nonstop action all the way until Sunday. The […]

Bitcoin Brings A Renaissance Of Fine Art

Masterpieces and sound money are closely related. As Dr. Saifedean Ammous observes in his book “The Bitcoin Standard” quality art requires the artist to attain a low time preference. “In times of sound money and low time preference, artists worked on perfecting their craft so they could produce valuable works in the long run.” “Modern […]

GTA 6 To Include Bitcoin, Leak Suggests

Bitcoin GTA

One of the biggest gaming franchises, backed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto, popularly called GTA, confirmed that it is working on its sixth installment, and according to a report, GTA 6 could include Lightning or Bitcoin features within the game. As per the leak, GTA 6 might provide a digital payments system in the gameplay, […]

The Paleo Pizza Recipe for Bitcoin Pizza Day

bitcoin pizza recipe

This Sunday the 22nd of May 2022, it’s Bitcoin Pizza Day! Oh damn, you can’t eat Pizza because of your diet? Don’t worry here comes a paleo pizza recipe you can try at home. It’s not easy to make great Pizza. Especially if you live outside of Italy. And it is even harder to so […]

The Best Luna Crash Tweets and Memes

Best Luna Memes

The Luna crash has been great entertainment. At least for Bitcoiners. But it also sparked a creative battle for the best memes and tweets. We collected the best one’s for your convenience. The world has thrown a lot at us since 2020. Despite the devolution to clown world, an orange beacon of hope has bore […]

Review: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

documentary pierre corbin

New indie documentary is getting close to one million views on Youtube. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is the title of a newly released film that reveals the sinister mechanism of central banking.

Bitcoin News sat down with producer and director Pierre Corbin for an interview:

The Bitcoin Orange Pill – All you need to know about Side-Effects

Bitcoin Orange Pill

Life is full of “aha” moments. “Aha.” It’s barely even a word, but it invokes a great deal of meaning. It is that moment of resonance where something clicks. That penny drop moment. I recently had a great discussion with Daniel Prince. You can find the conversation on the Once Bitten! Podcast, Episode #235. In […]

Meet the new Bitcoin App that is Revolutionizing Podcasts

fountain app

Fountain, a new app for podcasts, uses Bitcoin to make it easier than ever for listeners to support their favorite podcasts, and for podcasters to earn payment for their content. Fountain provides both listeners and podcasters with the ability to set up lightning wallets for value-for-value payments right on the app. Fountain also allows users […]

New Bitcoin Documentary From El Salvador To Premiere Later This Year

Brand new Bitcoin documentary will premier in the second quarter of 2022. The film that goes by the name “Dare to Dream” follows the true story of El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin. It’s the first film to tell the complete story of the social project ‘Bitcoin Beach’ that should change the world forever. Over a […]