BitcoinDay National Tour Hits Naples, Florida

Tampa Bitcoin Day

BitcoinDay, a national event tour, have pitched their tents in Tampa, Florida, for a gathering of international Bitcoiners. The conference style event will be held on January 21st, with the purpose to educate and explore solutions how to advance the adoption of Bitcoin. BitcoinDay is ought to deliver a pristine lineup of speakers and expert […]

Bankers Want You To Limit Your Life

banker bad

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on When oil spiked during the 1980 energy crisis, New Zealand asked its citizens to pick 1 day of the week when they couldn’t drive. They had to use stickers on their car to show this, and if they didn’t listen, they were fined. The government […]

A Vision for a Value-Enabled Web

Value Enabled Web

This article was originally published by Gigi on We all know that the Web is broken in more ways than one. Clickbait, misinformation, bot farms, anonymous “troll-demons”—the list is as endless as it is depressing. How did we end up here?  I believe there is a single-phrase answer to all these ills. But single-phrase […]

What Is Bitcoin Culture All About?

Bitcoin Orange Pill

This article was originally published as Culture and Choice on Thriller. In this article, plebpoet presents an argument for identifying the mechanisms of culture at play in the decisions you make in order to realize and make full use of the choices life presents you with. I point to the counterculture wave inside the Bitcoin […]

Mark Moss: “I Want To Wake Up The Sleeping Lions”

Mark Moss Lions

At the Unconfiscatable Conference in Las Vegas, Leon Siegmund of BitcoinNews interviewed Mark Moss, host of the Mark Moss show and Bitcoin educator. A YouTuber, investor, Bitcoin Maximalist with years of real-life experiences making millions of dollars from starting and exiting successful businesses, Mark Moss is one of the most active bitcoin educators alive. His […]

Hashcash And The Origins Of Bitcoin

Adam Back Hashcash

In this article, we explore hashcash and the origins of bitcoin and follow the history of peer to peer cash. As Bitcoiners, we understand the transformative effects of new technologies. Implicitly, we regard Bitcoin as a single technology, unleashed upon the world bringing individual sovereignty to billions; a truly sound money kick-starting societal thriving. In […]

How Futures Contracts Where Invented In Ancient Greece

futures greece

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Aristotle wrote about a man named Thales in Ancient Greece, who he says was the first philosopher and the father of math and science. Thales even invented futures contracts with olive oil. How? Thales spent a lot of time studying the stars and started noticing […]

Lightsats Takes Home 100 Million Sats In ‘Legends of Lightning’ Tournament

LightSats Tournament

Lightsats, a startup focused on making bitcoin gifting easier, scored 100 million sats in legends of lightning tournament. The project has been brought to life just weeks before the ‘Legends of Lightning’ tournament was announced. The project founders are Roland a.k.a. @rolznz, Juan Gomez, a bitcoin and Lightning enthusiast from Colombia and Rene Aaron, a […]

How to Play 3D Chess

3D chess

This article was originally published by James Corbett on It’s a ridiculous, no good, stupid, rotten meme. You know the idea that every horrible move that Precedent Trump ever made (like appointing John Bolton or launching Operation Warp Speed) was actually some super complicated three-dimensional chess move intended to accomplish the exact opposite of what he […]

FTX Is A Symptom Of Fiat Greed But Bitcoin Should Be Sovereign Saving

get bitcoin off the exchange

This article was originally published by Yael Ossowski on substack A major cryptocurrency exchange on the brink. Another shuttered after outright fraud, deception, and criminal behavior. Yet more feeling the heat of digital bank runs. To outside observers, the world of Bitcoin and its crypto-offspring must seem daunting and chaotic. And while that may be […]