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Pharma company launches digital innovation challenge: Pfizer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has announced a new entrepreneurship competition. The Pfizer Challenge aims to stimulate innovation in two categories: medical innovation and tech innovation.

Participants can register themselves for the challenge on the official Pfizer Brazil website and the event itself will take place on 4 December 2018. Blockchain startups are looking towards the tech category.

Since Pfizer is interested in the developments of blockchain technology, developers and has already announced two partnerships in DLT including one with Aimeds, an AI company and another with Genentech that uses Quorum based on Ethereum to keep fake medicines out of medical supply chains.

Tax regulator publishes draft on crypto taxation: Federal financial regulator Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) has published a draft on cryptocurrency taxation in the country.

In the draft paper, available on the RFB website, the monetary authority has declared that it is the duty of the cryptocurrency exchanges to send detailed reports of all cryptocurrency operations on a monthly basis to the regulator. They will even have to reveal the amount and number of transactions as well as identity of customers themselves.

All legal entities investing in cryptocurrencies in foreign exchanges are also obliged to report all transactions per month. For those who fail to report their trade, there will be a fine of up to BRL 1,500 (USD 400). The RFB could charge 3% of transactions as a fine too.

The hard-hitting measure by the regulator is not yet approved by the government but cryptocurrency advocates including the Brazilian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (ABCB) may oppose these measures.

Sao Paulo restaurant to accept Bitcoin: A Sao Paulo restaurant named Casa de Porco Bar has announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin payments in a partnership with CoinWISE cryptocurrency payments platform.

According to the restaurant chef Jefferson Rueda, “Our idea is to make cryptocurrencies commonplace just like any other form of payment and thereby increase their global currency position.”

The service is easy to use and will bring many benefits to cryptocurrency holders in the city.

Ronaldinho announces new crypto in partnership with Usain Bolt: Two of the biggest names in sports Usain Bolt and Ronaldinho Gaucho have joined hands to launch a cryptocurrency asset in the market called the Champion Coin.

Other prominent personalities added to the project include Didier Drogba, Akshay Kumar and David Trezeguet. The project is based around global hygiene company Champion Shave. The aim is to tokenize the expansion of the company and record the sale of the first 100% recycled shaver on DLT.


Government authorizes first payment with Petro: The Venezuelan government is moving forward with the use of the controversial cryptocurrency Petro and has ordered the first sentence payment using the state-owned token.

Venezuela’s top court ordered that moral damages in a work-related case be paid in Petro or equivalent to the victim who was injured by an Agriculture Ministry Institute employee.


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