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Government advised to buy crypto to resolve currency crisis: CoinDesk’s advisory board chairman Michael J Casey has advised the Argentinian government to buy Bitcoin to address financial challenges presenting the country.

The country has been in an economic crisis for the past 30 years and tried a number of solutions of conventional nature to overcome this issue. According to Casey, an out-of-the-box solution like cryptocurrencies is needed to overcome the circular challenges that are present in the fiat model of today.

While it may be a radical move, Argentina must try to look for innovative solutions, according to the adviser.


Brazilian Association of CryptoEconomics launched: The Brazilian Association of Cryptoeconomics (ABCCripto) was launched in the country with several members of the Brazilian cryptocurrency scene signing up as pioneering members.

Among the new members, notable names include Luiz Roberto Calado, founder of exchange Bitcoin Market, Natália Garcia, Legal Director at Foxbit and vice president of ABCripto and other members of the community.

Blockchain community holds election through blockchain: The Brazilian Association of Fintech (ABFintech) will hold elections for a new board of directors on 9 October with the help of blockchain technology.

Foxbit, a Brazilian cryptocurrency broker, is about to write an important chapter in its history by moving for a blockchain-based voting system. The election will use the system of OriginalMy, a Brazilian startup specializing in digital signatures and certification of documents through blockchain technology.

Brazilian MPs in talks for creation of parliamentary block for the promotion of crypto: The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country is showing as several members of the Brazilian parliament have started the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Block for Blockchain and Digital Assets.

The current chair of the Science and Technology Commission is responsible for the initiative and has the support of Brazilian Association of Cryptomoedas and Blockchain (ABCB). The parliamentarians are hopeful they can promote the vital industry in the country.

Presidential candidate will implement digital government: A Brazilian presidential candidate has said that he will digitize the governance of the country and focus on blockchain-based applications.

João Amoedo, the candidate of the Novo Party, has said that blockchain technology can become a part of the system that will make public offices more efficient. He also supports mass applications of the Internet of Things initiative.


Petro to be affected by new oil deals: The state cryptocurrency of the Venezuelan government Petro may be hit by new ventures by the government to increase oil production in the country.

While the country itself is still struggling to adopt the new digital currency created by the state, it is still guaranteed by the government to be backed by a barrel of oil each. But once the oil production goes up, theoretically, the price of the Petro will be affected.

The move comes after several loopholes were found in the creation and operation of Petro cryptocurrency in the country. The initial affidavit by the government said that it was linked to oil barrels but investigations showed that lack of investments meant that it wasn’t possible to do so. The 5 billion barrels of oil that were supposedly allocated for Petro itself will take a hit because more oil is being drilled and there is no way to tell where exactly the oil backing Petro is.


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