Do You Even Stream Sats, Bro? On Bitcoin’s Lightning Payments

The concept of micropayments has been around for a long time, but until recently, it has not been feasible to implement them effectively. Micropayments, also known as micropayments or microtransactions, refer to financial transactions that involve very small amounts of money. They are typically less than a dollar and are used for a variety of […]

How To Build A Nostr ‘GM’ Bot Without Writing Code

Nostr Good Morning Bot

This article was originally published by Gigi on I’ve been bullish on nostr for a while now, but even I am surprised by how swift the ecosystem around this open protocol has been growing. Yes, it’s still early days. But it’s the perfect time to poke around and break build things. How else would you explore and learn? […]

A-Z Bitcoin Seed Word List – The Complete BIP 39 Wordlist

bitcoin seed word list

Your 12-24 recovery seed phrase or wallet backup most likely comes from the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39 (BIP 39). BIP 39 is the use of a mnemonic phrase — a group of easy to remember words — to serve as your back up recovery in the event your wallet fails. Many wallets utilize the BIP 39 standard, but […]

What Are Zero Knowledge Rollups And Can They Help Scale Bitcoin?

Lightning vs CoinJOin

Almost since its creation, some Bitcoin enthusiasts have looked to ways the functionality and scalability of Bitcoin might be increased. As Bitcoin adoption continues to expand, the ability to build trustless, financial primitives on top of the protocol will be key in challenging the fiat-based monetary system(s). To date scaling solutions to Bitcoin have varied […]

Bitcoin Is Digital Scarcity

This article was originally published by Gigi on We should treat computers as fancy telephones, whose purpose is to connect people. Information is alienated experience. Information is not something that exists. Indeed, computers don’t really exist, exactly; they’re only subject to human interpretation. This is a strong primary humanism I am promoting. As long […]

Set Up A Nostr Relay Server In Under 5 Minutes

Nostr Setup Guide

This article was originally published by André Neves on This is a quickstart guide for those that wish to run a Nostr Relay. There are tens of relay server options and implementations, but to keep things simple for newcomers to the network, I’m using the friendly `nostream` built in TypeScript and packaged as a Docker […]

133 Amazing Quotes From “The Bitcoin Standard”

Saifedean Ammous The Fiat Standard

This article was originally published by Yorick de Mombynes on I selected these quotes from this amazing book by Saifedean AMMOUS. They offer only a glimpse of the richness of the book that is an absolute must read. 1. “Bitcoin can be best understood as distributed software that allows for transfer of value using a currency […]

The Ethics Of Mixing Bitcoin

Lady mixer

The ethics of mixing – a comprehensive essay on financial regulation and a defense of personal privacy This research was made possible with the help of Wasabi Wallet “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of […]

What is Nostr? Basic Concepts Explained

Jack Dorsey Nostr

You may have heard of the new social network protocol nostr. In this article we will discuss what nostr is, how it works, why it matters and how you can join nostr yourself. Introduction To Nostr Online, you send all kinds of updates to your circle. Updates about what you’re doing—sometimes intimate details of your […]

CoinJoin: Compare All Implementations 2023

Navigating CoinJoin

It is obvious that no one agrees on “how to do CoinJoins right” and how to best optimize user privacy with block space efficiency on the Bitcoin network. In this article we will look at all the different Coinjoin implementations and help you find the right option for your needs. This article was originally published […]