Despite the anti-establishment characteristics often touted with blockchain technology, it is very popular with traditional financial institutions, especially to those in the financial sector.

This doesn’t necessarily come as much of a surprise if one is to look into the transactional capabilities of blockchain networks, as well as their extraordinarily high levels of security and transparency.

Traditional Meets Revolutionary

A platform called is leveraging blockchain technology to bring those aforementioned salient features to traditional financial investments. is an exchange platform on which users can access a number of traditional investment types such as margin interests, spreads, and commissions.

On the platform, users will have access to a wide spread of traditional financial instruments. uses peer-to-peer platforms to bring this broad range of assets to its exchange and in order to access these liquidity pools, users will utilize the platforms native token, Trade. has proven itself to be popular with international investors and the crypto-community. Having finished its token sale in January of 2018 with over 31 Million USD raised, it’s evident that this is not just another blockchain gimmick.

Both public and private entities are flocking to this platform, which boasts a bountiful, secure, and transparent exchange. It also plays host to the much coveted Token Sale Consulting Services as well as an Angel Investment Program. Sponsors Bloomberg Event

This year Bloomberg will be hosting its first ever, exclusively cryptocurrency related event. The Bloomberg Live event will see industry heavyweights from across the globe attending ‘The Future of Cryptocurrencies’ event. The event will be taking place at the Bloomberg Headquarters in London, England.

The by-invitation-only event will give focus to regulation, market volatility and trading strategies for the coming cryptocurrency future. 200 Leading industry executives, experts, and prominent figures will be attending the event as well as international giants such as Societe Generale, UBS, and IBM. will be sponsoring and giving talks at the event, with the opening remarks coming from the CEO, Jim Preissler. The list of speakers also includes:

John Patrick Mullin,

Ajit Tripathi, Partner, ConsenSys

Mona El Isa, Melonport, CEO & Co-founder

Oliver con Landsberg-Sadie, BCB Group CEO

Nic Niedermowwe, Prime Factor Capital Co-Founder & CEO

Stijn Vander Straeten, CEO, Crypto Storage Ag

Jim Preissler,’s CEO spoke recently about the upcoming event, stating that Bloomberg’s involvement in this event illustrates how crypto and blockchain are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream finance.  

Preisser promised that the event would include many interesting, thought-provoking panels which will include an opening statement from himself, Director of Research & Development, John Patrick Mullin. view this as a great opportunity to both showcase the companies industry knowledge and technology and bring a greater understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and how it can also enhance traditional financial markets.

The event begins Friday, June 29th, 08:30 am GMT, and ends at 1 pm. The event is to be hosted at the Bloomberg Headquarter, 3 Queen Victoria Street, London.

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