US Congressman Bradley Sherman has become extremely unpopular with Twitter followers over the past twenty-four hours.

As reported yesterday by Bitcoin News, California Democrat Brad Sherman boldly declared his belief that all cryptocurrency mining and trades should be banned across the US.

His announcement made during Wednesday’s long-awaited House of Representatives Financial Services Committee meeting has not been well received, and Twitter became the axe to deliver the final coup de gras on the hapless congressman.

As if his comments weren’t radical enough, and contrary to most sensible global government’s efforts to regulate the industry for crypto and blockchain use, rather than total eradication, he added insult to injury by suggesting that there should be a ban on all US citizens from dealing in cryptocurrencies.

The fact that California-based Sherman’s largest donor during his last election round was a Los Angeles credit card payments firm, certainly didn’t add to his popularity.

The resulting tide in anti-Sherman sentiments following the two hearings and his comments was seemingly unstoppable. The CryptoCongress hashtag was red hot yesterday, having reached over I million accounts and more than 2.7 million impressions.

What is resoundingly clear is that rather than unite members of the committee in adopting a negative stance towards how the US approaches future cryptocurrency legislation, the comments have simply created a united front among those in the industry against Congressman Sherman.


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