The founder of Emphasis Ventures (EMVC) VC fund Melissa Frakman, has told local business media outlet YourStory of her experience with the Indian financial technology (fintech) scene, professing that the country’s sector can be “insanely addictive“.

Canadian-born Frakman insisted that India was the stage for some of the most exciting trends happening right now in the fintech sector, especially with the entry of many new players over the past few years.

Spurred by the high penetration rates of low-cost internet access, many Indians have seen their businesses and lives transformed by the development of financial tech in banking, insurance, payments and investments. The popular use of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) has also benefited the space, and NCPI has been mulling blockchain to improve on that. It

Frakman said:

“I saw over and over again how incredible the (Indian) market is, and I’ve always been completely captivated by how quickly the markets change here. It’s insanely addictive to build and work in India because you actually see the results and progress that’s happening.”

The investor stressed that while EMVC was very much focused on India, their strategy was that of a global- and US-based fund.

In her early time, she was the Director of the US-India Business Council, advising Fortune 500 companies on market strategy in India.


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