Washington State in the US is beginning to address crypto mining with more concern with two counties conducting moratoriums to prevent further applications from mining firms.

As reported recently by Bitcoin News, the state is known for its cheap electricity tariffs and has attracted more mining activity than certain counties are prepared to tolerate. In one particular instance, an authorized miner used an abandoned apartment in the Washington town of Wenatchee and used up to 20 times the usual reading in only one month, prompting further investigation by local police.

Chelan County PUD Commissioner Steve McKenna stated that he was concerned due to the risk posed to the community by illegal mining and the use of power as a result, but assured that those using power with “legitimate requests” were not under discussion.

It now appears that even authorized mining has come under the microscope in the Northwest, despite Bitmain’s recent plan to establish a 10-acre facility in Washington state. Chelan itself is now considering tightening its regulations, to the extent that the Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) has installed bulletproof panels and security cameras in their headquarters, expecting a backlash after announcing a recent moratorium on crypto mining.

Franklin County has gone the same way, initiating its own moratorium to stop further mining applications while the long-term impact is reviewed.

New York, on the other side of the county, brought in sensible tariff solutions to keep local residents happy. In response to the permission given earlier by New York state to 36 municipal power authorities to charge higher rates to crypto miners, the Massena municipal utility came with its own plan to create a new rate structure allowed which would let crypto miners operating there negotiate their own contracts.

What is clearly needed is more focus on how to harness renewable energy resources and lower the ecological footprint caused by cryptocurrency mining. A new development, reported by Bitcoin News only last week, is a new planned installation on the edge of the Sahara where Soluna, a computing company that generates its own renewable energy, plans to build a 900-megawatt wind farm south of Marrakesh.

Kumamoto Electric Power Company in Japan is planning to commence mining this month using excess solar energy.


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