Bankers Want You To Limit Your Life

banker bad

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on When oil spiked during the 1980 energy crisis, New Zealand asked its citizens to pick 1 day of the week when they couldn’t drive. They had to use stickers on their car to show this, and if they didn’t listen, they were fined. The government […]

Bitcoin, Paypal, And The Weaponisation Of Money

police paypal

This article was originally published by Dominic Frisby on Moneyweek. The weaponisation of money makes a strong case for buying bitcoin. Recent events have shown how both business and governments can “weaponise” money and shut down dissent. What to do? Buy bitcoin, says Dominic Frisby. Bitcoin was built in reaction to all the money printing that went on […]

Can Hyperinflation Cause Slave Trades?

Slave dollar

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Can a reason for slave trade be found in hyperinflation? historic analysis suggest it could be the case. Hundreds of years ago, some places in Africa valued glass beads as their money because they were hard to make. In Europe, glass beads were easy to […]

Blockfi And Why You Shouldn’t Give Bitcoin For Yield

Binance Rugpull

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Blockfi was a platform that would hold your Bitcoin for you and generate a return. They call the return a yield, APY, whatever. But how do they guarantee these % returns? The answer is they gamble with your funds.  They don’t tell you exactly what they’re investing in; […]

Nigerians Want Bitcoin, Not eNaira

Nigerians want Bitcoin

A year after Nigeria launched its CBDC shitcoin, only less than 0.5% of Nigerians are using it according to a Bloomberg report. The Government of Nigeria launched its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) dubbed the eNaira in 2021. One year later, the results are in. At only a 0.5% adoption rate, the eNaira is failing. […]

Bitcoin, Technology and Global Enlightenment

is bitcoin the future?

This article was originally posted on The Mindful Inquisitor. Where is technology taking us? Will robots surpass us in intelligence and replace us altogether one day? Will we combine with the machine in some symbiotic merge that creates a new super being, or are machines merely tools that will allow our more fundamental nature to […]

The Global Meltdown Of The Financial System Is Bitcoin’s Time To Shine

fiat meltdown bitcoin shine

In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto provided a hint as to the motive for Bitcoin. Embedded in the genesis block was the now famous Times headline, “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. On Tuesday the 27th of September the headline could have been copy/pasted as the Bank of England pledged billions of pounds to […]

Privacy: Why Pix and FedNow are the opposite of Bitcoin

Why Pix And FedNow Are The Opposite Of Bitcoin

The US Central Bank has recently announced the launch of its new payment system, Fednow, scheduled for July 2023. FedNow is an instant, fully-digital payment service that uses the American dollar–a system reminiscent of the Brazilian PIX launched in October 2020. At first glance, this creation facilitates transactions and makes them faster since sending and […]

Memes Are Truth Bombs, But Can They Be Divine?

Memes The Divine Truth Bombs

In a world full of lies, where do we look for truth? If we can’t trust science, politicians, the news, and search algorithms, how do we get to the bottom of things? In a post-truth world, where we are alone, without moral traditions, and without ancestors to guide the way, how do we develop a […]

Why Proof-of-Stake On Ethereum Is A Disaster

Moving the Ethereum protocol from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake will end in a disaster. If you are a big believer in Ethereum, you may think an article published on would biased or pure propaganda. Therefore I’d like to disclose that I hold 10% of my portfolio in Ethereum or assets built on Ethereum which allows […]