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Fake News about Ukraine War Exposed

written by

Ukraine Fake News exposed

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Truth truly is the first casualty of war.

‘Peel back the curtain’ should be a mantra engrained to every believer of the, ‘Don’t trust, verify,’ ethos. Over the past weeks an astounding amount of misinformation has been flooding across media in relation to the conflict in Ukraine. Most likely everyone is a subject in some entity’s psychological operation (psyop) to some extend.

The era of information warfare is at hand and it is important to stay vigilant and be able to remove emotions that are being preyed upon.

Some may say what is taking place is a test of society’s intelligence. Those in power feel they can manipulate the masses through their propaganda. Don’t be sheep.

Here are some examples of fake media from the information war campaign.

1. The Ghost of Kyiv

Everyone loves a feel good story and that’s just what the psyop pushers and modern day Goebbels sought to deliver. The promotion of this figment of the imaginaton apparition was intended to give the reader and viewer what they want, and steer them in the desired direction. Everyone wants a hero and propagandists need a symbol. Propaganda is used on both sides, don’t get caught in the hero’s fallacy, whether they’re “Mockingjay” or the “Capitol” they push their agenda through propaganda.

Rest assured, Luke Skywalker is not a pilot in the Ukranian air-force, but he is just as real as the ”Ghost of Kyiv”. As many have seen, footage, images, and reports are being taken from the past and regurgitated as truth all over social media. In this case, some video game footage.

Peel back the curtain.

2. The ”F*** You” Russia Warship

While the ”f*** you” is possibly true, it appears the massacre of the island put out by CNN and The Guardian has been walked back by the mainstream news outlets.

The initial story was that Ukrainian soldiers died defending an island after telling a Russian warship “go fuck yourself”. It plays on your emotions and politicians always seek to twist things to their own self interest.

It was reported that 13 border guards died refusing to surrender at Snake Island approximately 186 miles west of Crimea.

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said he would posthumously bestow the Hero of Ukraine award. “All border guards died heroically but did not give up,” Zelenskiy said.

3. The ”Caught” Russian Soldiers

Then, there’s the most blatant. It appears that both sides attempted to manipulate viewers into believing one side heroically captured 14 troops and that they dropped to the ground in utter fear to surrender to their captors. Well, this production didn’t end up holding as much water as they had hoped.

Fake news and psychological warfare are omnipresent as the state rages war on the mind

There was a foumous saying, ”A war is on for your mind.” Coming out of the pandemic, more people than ever know when to call bullshit, and a record number have lost faith, or belief, in anything coming out of MSM outlets or the governments. The faith in institutions globally are at a record low while psyops are at a record high, and from many angles.

The noble liar’s theory is an idea believing that mishandling the truth is okay, when it is for the greater good, but the greater good to whom you might say. Whereas; others would say that truth and good are tied and lies are incapable of delivering a greater good.

“If you have a belief system politically, that requires any lies to support,” Orange-Pilled Canadian Psychologist and Professor, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson said in a recent interview, ”Then that’s an indication that you’ve gone too far, I think that’s a good rule of thumb.”

It appears there is only one real truth validator, and that is a Bitcoin Node.

Peel back the curtain, think for yourselves, don’t be sheep.

Don’t trust, verify.

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