Bitcoin Could End Global Poverty


We are taught to believe that the central bank acts in our best interest, but in reality it can be one of the biggest drivers of wealth inequality. Let’s explore why.

‘Only Bitcoin Can Save Us Now,’ Says John Lennon’s Son

John Lennon Bitcoin

Amid the ongoing financial chaos regarding collapses of major banks in the United States, renowned American-British musician Sean Lennon recently made a solid statement about Bitcoin. In a Monday tweet, the artist stated that “only Bitcoin” can save the world. Lennon’s statement was in response to a comic tweet from television presenter and Bitcoin proponent […]

More Markets, Less Regulators

If nice flowers cost a dollar would you buy them more often? If it costs $5 for someone to mow your lawn, would you outsource your lawn mowing? How many vehicles would you purchase if a nice car only cost 500 USD, or better yet, would you spend $5,000 on a jetpack that flies you […]